Sunday, May 17, 2009


Do you have a blog? If yes, maybe for the first target when you have blog is just sharing information, follow trend, try promoting your produc or business in internet,etc. Finally, when you build you blog and make nice post, your blog has many visitors and your google page rank increase also your traffick is growing rapidly
By increasing your blog, so you try to find an alternatif online business or you try to monetize your blog. You start to peep online business and looking for them in many search engine. There is Review Program, Affiliation program, Selling e-book, PPC Program, etc. From many kinds online business that you find, PPC program is one alternatif that possible. Why? Because You don’t have a special skill in this program. Just doing copy – paste the html code into your blog, and the advertisement is already in blog page and already to be clicked and read by visitors.
Who click your ads?
According to me, the visitor who click your ads is a person that doesn’t know about PPC program and they are searching information only . When they are finding an information in ads, mindlessly they click the ads and continue reading. They don't know what he clicked, is it google adsense, adbrite, bridvestise or other PPC and don't care maybe don’t know “ is the blog owner getting money by clicking the ads”?
I have two reasons about this statement:
1. If a blogger who knows and has ads in his blog is visiting other blog, he will not click the ads or we can say in other world, reluctant and shy at to click the ads, because he knows the kind and shape of ads and say hmmm this is a PPC. Beside that, he will think If I click this ads, it makes profiting to the blog owner, meanwhile there is no visitors click in my ads.
2. If our vistiors who leave comment in post comment or in shoutbox click the ads in our blog, please imagine how much our earning every day? In reality...many visitors in shoutbox and leaving comment, but the earning is zero..
So?? Never mind, keep blogging...


NYoMaN said...

kok sama kayak yang di piterbizz fren? :P

Sahabat Blogger Indonesia said...

sama-sama mas thanks dah mampir, tipsnya mas oke punya nih, tak baca2 dulu yach

moga sukses

ade said...

so bagaimana kalau bikin group yang angotanya shout di shout box dan click ad satu aja kan sama sama untung tapi bisa jamin gak kalau semua mau.