Sunday, May 10, 2009


Are You one of the Indonesian people thinking and have a plan to work in Europe like USA, Canada, Australia, New Zealand, Swiss, Netherland? It’s the great idea. But you have to remember one thing. “Self confidence”. It means although you graduated from indonesian school or indonesian university, you can face the competition with the Europe people and have a chance to get a job there, as long as you have “self confidence”.

There are 3 simple ways to improve your self confidence if have a plan finding a job in europe
Mastering foreign language.
Learning foreign language when you study and stay in Indonesia is one of important way. You can join in conversatin class or chatting group in one course. Don’t hesitate to practice your language ability with native speaker in class, practice your language with friends, watch TV progam, listen to the radio, or read newspaper and magazine. Sometime it’s important if you go to tourism object to find many tourists and don’t be shy to try a conversation with them.
Knowing your destination country.
In this case, before you make an aplication, you should know about your destination country, such as their president, their weather, their transportation, their lifestyle, their culture and more to make you feel balmy and an easy adaptation with the people.
Knowing the company. You can access your destination company by visiting their website via internet, learn the management system, their credibility, their product, the job position that you apply, the salary etc. Don’t hesitate to contact them if you have a question.
Ok..try to fight..

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