Wednesday, May 20, 2009


Have You had facebook? What facilities you get from this social network?
I think, when You join in facebook, you will get many facilities in this web. You can send and reply message or letter, free chatting, take quiz, or you can make a comunication with your old friend or your ex girl friend.
Three facilities that I like in facebook are Blogcast, Profile HTML, and Link. You can use this facilities to promote your Blog. With this three facilities your friends can read your new articles or new post in your blog.
Right..! In this case I am not talking about how to create or giving tricks about facebook, but only giving an opinion, “ Can facebook replace your e-mail?”
Let’s read these statement
  • E-mail and facebook can send and reply message or your note to your friend.
  • E-mail and facebook can send or share your photos,video,recently news, even in facebook more atractive than e-mail
  • E-mail and facebook can make conversation like chatting
  • E-mail and facebook can promote your blog, even in facebook this facility is better with Blogcast, link and you can use profile html to show your blog banner or blog button. When someone click this one it will be link to your blog E-mail and facebook
  • E-mail and facebook can give “gift” to friends when they get their birthday orn graduation,ect.
  • In e-mail can join in one group, in facebook we called it “group”
So, with the explanation above, can facebook replace e-mail?
In my opinion, facebook cannot replace your e-mail, especially to someone who follow online business because all the confirmation are sent to your e-mail. But for many people a more regular to visit their facebook account than e-mail. One is important, without e-mail we cannot join facebook
Piter m.silitonga

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