Saturday, May 22, 2010


Many ways to make the earth remain green and beautiful of all time. Not just planting trees, reducing CO2, up to green earth campaign. Dating with a partner can also be one way to save earth from the effects of global warming. Let's do the following dating techniques to preserve the earth:

1. Enjoy organic food.
Reduce eating in restaurants, as well as by no means guaranteed, also add to spending. Not to mention if you bring home food. Imagine the waste packages and plastic bags that accumulate in the earth! So buy organic foods and cook according to taste both of you, while enjoying a candle light.

2. The traditional game of romantic
If your regular weekly overnight stay in the house, do not just watch TV or listen to music together. You can have fun at home with a rubber toy, rope or other traditional games. Besides you do not waste electricity, you can also reminisce childhood joint pair.

3. Prevent pollution with bike
Parking the car at home and take the bike to take lover to go with. Nothing more romantic than enjoy biking in the night air. That way, you have participated in the movement to prevent air pollution.

4. Go to natural tourist
Instead of a honeymoon to a place of entertainment 'standard' is visited by all people, why not choose natural tourist destinations that are rarely visited? Natural beauty will make you more and want to maintain their sustainability. You can go to hill, lake or village.

5. Sport in the field or park
Although few in number, there's always the open field around us. Who lives in crowded city, couples can enjoy the morning together while exercising in the field or park. To be more environmentally friendly, do not carry vehicles. Bus or public transport passengers are usually quieter holiday.