Monday, September 27, 2010


You always eat chili? How would you feel then? Besides the spicy taste, of course you sweat right?
Results of laboratory studies in England found, the content of capsaicin in chili peppers which creates a feeling spicy, can kill cancer cells without damaging normal cells. That is why some cancer cases in Mexico and India, where people ate spicy food, fewer than Western countries, where people tend to not like spicy food.

This reason is reinforced by Dr. Khursheed Jeejeebhoy. Internist at the University of Toronto. He advocated the consumption of spicy food on a regular basis to improve the quality of health. According to him, eating spicy foods in moderation is good for your health by reducing the risk of cancer, lower cholesterol levels in the blood, can even stabilize the insulin levels in the blood. In a dose that is not excessive, spicy foods and even beneficial to your stomach.

For rural communities chilli plants are widely used as a healer. Some of them can heal wounds and its leaves can be used as a high fever reducer. Way to take a handful of leaves cayenne pepper, then mash until smooth. Add 1 tablespoon salad oil and mix both these ingredients until blended. After that herb paste on the crown or massaged on the entire body.

Here are Other Benefits of Chilli:
  1. Chili can relieve runny nose and nasal congestion due to thin the mucus capsaicin
  2. Able to minimize the risk of stroke, blood vessel blockage, impotence, and coronary heart disease. Due to regularly consume capsaicin, the blood will remain liquid and the crust of fat in blood vessels will not be formed.
  3.  As a natural antibiotic.
  4. Chili can relieve headaches and joint pains. Spicy capsaicin and heat generated will block the pain signal transmission from the central nervous system to the brain. So the pain will decrease and even disappear.
  5. Chili may increase appetite pengkonsumsinya. Because capsaicin can stimulate the production of the hormone endorphin, a hormone that is able to evoke a sense of pleasure and happiness. Thus appetite increased.
  6. Content of antioxidants can be used to overcome infertility (infertility), an aphrodisiac, and slow the aging process.
  7. Cayenne fruit extract has inhibition on the growth of the fungus Candida Albicans, the fungus on the skin surface.
  8. For rheumatic disorders and frostbite (pain due to cold finger).
  9. Leaves can be milled to smeared on diseased area in order to cope with abdominal pain and ulcers.
  10. Helps burn calories by 25%.
  11. Provides calcium and phosphorous for the body.
  12. Chilli produce vitamin C (more than oranges), and provitamin A (more than carrots), which is necessary for the body.
    From the information above, it turns out very useful chili. However, it is recommended to not consume excessive chili, because not all the human stomach can withstand the heat of the chili flavor.

    Saturday, September 25, 2010


    Almost all people ever listen to music. Listening to music is the most fun. With music a person can feel a calm, peaceful, and remember a sweet memories of the past. If we observe the children are also very pleased to hear the music, even they can be dancing with this music.
    What the benefits actually obtained when we hear music? According to various sources, music could provide benefits to every person who heard it. Here are the benefits of listening to music for you.

    - Increases intelligence. 
    There are several studies stating when the child has heard the music, their intelligence is a higher than the average of a person who does not hear the music. Classics music such as Mozart's music is also good for babies and pregnant women because it will improve the intelligence of babies and make the mother is more relaxed.

    - Refreshing
    Sometimes when we feel bored and do not know what to do, by listening to music even though only a few moments we will be able to feel refreshed. So we will get the spirit back to our activities.

    - Motivation
    We can take an example when the state flag ceremony or event or even when giving an Olympic medal. When we follow him, we come to sing the national song or anthem. By singing that we will be motivated to love our nation, a national hero, and even give a new spirit for us. There are even some people who will be easy to learn or work with listening to music.

    - Therapy
    Music therapy can be done to reduce the anxiety of patients who underwent various operations or a series of heavy process in the hospital. Because, the music will help reduce pain and improve mood of patients.
    Music therapy also can help relieve depression in hospital patients more quickly. Music therapy can be applied to patients with Alzheimer's to make them quieter and helps improve memory.

    Thursday, September 16, 2010


    Many opinions and sex frequency variations experienced by men and women. The men claimed to have sex as much as 103 times a year. While the women stated having sex every day. The men and women with ages 25 to 34 years admitted having sexual relations as much as 113 times a year.

    This survey conducted by Durex Annual Global Sex Survey also reported that about 57 per cent said they had sexual intercourse once a week, while only 4 percent of respondents had sexual intercourse every day.
    How is the ideal frequency of sexual intercourse? World Health Organization (WHO) recommends that couples should have sex 2-3 times a week.

    Sexual intercourse regularly have a distinct advantage, one of which could improve communication between couples. It also can be useful to improve the quality and quantity of sperm produced by her husband.

    Here are 10 benefits of sex are done regularly:

    1. Sex Getting rid of Migraine Headaches with an orgasm.
    Dr.James Crouch of The Southern Illinois School of Medicine, studied 52 migraine sufferers who have sex when migraine recurrence. It turns out their migraine subsided and disappeared.
    2. Sex Prevents Illness
    Beverly Whipple and Barry Komisaruk of Rutgers University found that women who orgasm less susceptible to arthritis and bone pain in the appeal that often have an orgasm.
    3. Sex Increasing Endurance Body
    Dr. Dudley Champman, a gynecologist, monitored 24 patients with breast cancer and concluded that those who are tertatur orgasm better off than those without. Orgasm able to prevent infection of cells more than 20 percent.
    4. Sex Eliminates Stress
    Orgasm is a sedative. Your body and muscles will vibrate during orgasm. Only later changed santai.Kesimpulan obtained from the Institute for Advanced Study of Human Sexuality says that people who met the needs sexnya will be more calm, patient, and loving.
    5. Sex Eliminates Pain When Menstruation
    Channel uterine contractions during orgasm can help prevent the pain around the pelvis during menstruation. This is because an orgasm to blood flow so as to prevent swelling or constriction of blood flow.
    6. Sex Strengthens Pelvic Muscles
    "Playing sex regularly can strengthen your pelvic muscles," said Giovanna Ciccarelli, trainer at NYC's Equinox Fitness Centers. So also when the vagina gripped the penis, the resulting muscle contraction will strengthen the Kegel muscle. Especially when you have an orgasm is terrible. "Strong pelvic floor muscles will strengthen posture and spine," said Ciccarelli.
    7. Sex Burns Calories
    Sex is terrible what could become a little exercise. Dr. Franger Alfred, professor of Obstetrics and Gynecology suggests that a woman will lose 4.2 calories per minute while playing sex.Sama case with the calories removed while playing tennis, which is 4 calories per minute. So for those who want to slim rajinlah play sex.
    8.Sex makes a balancing Hormone 
    Dr. Winnifred Cutler, director of the Athena Institute for Women's Wellness in Pennsylvania said that women who have sex at least once a week will have longer menstrual cycles and regular than those without air-sex ria.
    9. Improve Sex Hormone Estrogen
    Dr. Winnifred Culter found that women who enjoy life sexualnya every week to have more estrogen in their blood. The hormone estrogen can increase blood circulation to the heart, reduce cholesterol, strengthen the bone structure, stimulate growth of skin cells and prevent depression.
    10. Sex Improve Health and Happiness
    "People who have sex more regularly tremendous zest for life will have a high and enjoy life more," said Dr. Ted Mcllvenna. The person who lives an active sexnya would love outdoor activities and socializing.


    Wednesday, September 15, 2010


    Along the development of times, now many women consume stimulant pils to increase their libido. Is it because of the trend or want to try it, we don't know.  Commonly this stimulant drug consumed by men have also slowly  consumed by women nowdays. Generally they are a woman or a wife who feels sexual desire decreased or frigid. (Frigidity, including sexual dysfunction in a group of functional disorders in organs and sexual activity).

    As we know, in any sexual interaction, the various patterns shown estrus in response to sexual stimulation she receives. There was an  woman rapidly increasing, there is a slow, and there is a long time. There's even a woman who is not aroused at all no matter how large the stimulus it receives. If finally the last kind of woman to have sex then he showed an attitude that must be passive and without any expression. This is one example of frigidity.

    It was here first, many people think that to overcome frigidity is only by taking stimulants. With this kind of thinking, is currently sold many of stimulants which intends to increase libido women frigid.
    Is this necessary? actually, these stimulants can actually cause excitement for women, so they enjoy, and without fear. Thus, they can achieve orgasm. In the right circumstances, a stimulant drug such as  viagra  can work to overcome the problem of passion.

    The problem is many are using this medicine at random without knowing the appropriate dose. If this happens, it is not possible adverse effects can be generated.

    For instance the use of Viagra. Use of these drugs can actually make the quality of love growing colder because of the action confined to bed is great, not a real desire arises lust for love. In fact, treat low libido in women is strongly influenced by stress and interpersonal relationships they experienced. That is, the performance of the heart, soul, and brain work in harmony in the process of sex, not just a high libido.

    Back to the topic above, whether stimulants are necessary for a woman? It's  okay, as long recommended by doctors. And they should realize that the drug does not guarantee the integrity of their love.

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    Saturday, September 11, 2010

    10 Useful Tips for New Sites

    Here are 10 very useful tips on links and linking architecture for anyone with an interest in SEO, and if you're involved in marketing of any kind over the Internet, then that's you.

    1. Think About Who Links to You
    You'll already know the value of reputation when it comes to marketing your product or service. If sites that are associated with good quality products are clearly seen by users and search engines to link to your own then this will reflect well on you.
    Pay close attention to the number of .com and sites that link to you, for example, and think carefully about ways in which you can encourage others to do likewise.

    2. Think About Who You Link to
    The same rules as before. Linking to good quality sites reflects well on your own. Keep up to date with innovations and developments and stay relevant with fresh links on your pages. Try to develop a balanced portfolio of links on your site.

    3. Avoid Broken Links
    As part of ongoing site maintenance for SEO you should be aware of any links that are no longer in use and remove them from your site.

    4. Think About Relevance
    This is very important. Link to sites with a clear relevance to your own only. Search engines pay special attention to this, as do users, and every irrelevant link on your page is detrimental.

    5. Internal Links
    Think about internal links and whether your site is user friendly. Make the most of internal links and get some advice from SEO experts about ways to link internally that will benefit your site's ranking.

    6. Maps
    Think about linking back to homepage and site maps. Make your site as easily navigable as possible. This will encourage users and benefit your site as search engines see these links when they probe it. A map is a useful way to introduce internal links and make the site easier to get around.

    7. Link Building
    Think about the use of exact match terms for link building. Build links using exactly matching anchor text. Remember though, don't get carried away - an excess use of keywords can be as bad as a lack. Using terms you want to rank for and that summarise the topic referred to, in moderation, can strengthen the ratings of your site by search engines.
    Find a balance and use your senses. If you feel that you've gone overboard with repeated words or phrases in your internal links then you probably have.
    8. Avoid Cloaking
    Search engines are increasingly sophisticated at detecting 'black hat' or unscrupulous SEO techniques. While it may be tempting to improve your popularity on the net by attracting unwitting visitors to your site, be aware that techniques that accomplish this can get you into trouble.
    Users and search engines are alike in their approach to cloaking - they don't accept or tolerate it. Stay within the boundaries to avoid problems.

    9. Look at Where Your Competitors Link
    This is legal and it can give you an advantage or at least level the playing field somewhat when it comes to links. Go to Yahoo and type in link: to get access to useful tools for viewing your competition's linking activity. Remember that knowledge is power.

    10. Strategise
    Have a solid strategy for linking to, from and within your site. Think before you link and use every intelligent strategy at your disposal. Getting advice from website optimization specialists can really help.
    To conclude, it's hoped that some important considerations about link building were highlighted for you here in our list.
    Some areas were only touched upon, and in an environment such as computing where change is a constant, it pays to stay abreast of developments. Remember that if you're short on time, search engine optimisation specialists are available for SEO and improving your ranking and your profits.

    About the Author: Sam Desilwa - provides Seo and Search Engine Optimisation Services. Visit: for more information.