Sunday, May 18, 2014

Hodgepodge or "gadogado" is a Super Healthy Indonesian Traditional Food

We've  known if often consume vegetables will make us healthy inside and out and will make us forever young. It means, the vegetables will prevent premature aging.

Speaking about vegetables food, we remember hodgepodge. Hodgepodege is one of Indonesian Tradisional food that contains from many kinds vegetables. This food has  high nutrient and high value to make our body always fresh and healthy. Lenka an Australian Artist is very like to this food.

Have You ever tasted this delicious food? Beside  it tastes delicious, a mixture of various kinds of vegetables plus a mixture of peanut sauce, this food becomes highly nutritious foods. In addition hodgepodge, other Indonesian traditional food that contains vegetables till 100% and also has very high nutritional value are Karedok, ketoprak, urap, and pecel.

Please consume this food as often as possible, because according to Prof. Dr. Made Astawan, This Indonesian traditional food, such as Karedok and hodgepodge is highly qualified to meet the needs of minerals, vitamins, antioxidants, and fiber into the human body needs to stay healthy.

By consuming these foods, you have applied the concept of diversification of food consumption. The advantage is that you have obtained the complete nutrients and varied, a foundation for healthy living, dynamic and productive.