Wednesday, February 25, 2009


The title of this article is not song title which is “tophit” in 70 era, but reminding me when I was filling gas in one of the gas station in my town, over there shown three consumer rights, two of them I forgot, but the first sequence is that the consumer entitled to get SMILE. In one Bank also its Securitys and tellers altogether have full of smile when save my money. When looking around and buy something in Mall, there is again shown “ If our officer not smile, reporting to manager, and we will give you a Present”

What it means? Are consumer in this time have easy fulminate so that have to smile? Or are the officers cannot smile anymore along with threat of stoping job?
In reality, in this time along with growth of managemen systems, have been realized that hospitality is one factor which can draw all consumer. hospitality in this article means smile has brought new atmosphere and leave mark circumstantial at consumer. With sweet smile hence all consumer will feel to be paid attention, to be majored and esteemed so that make good cooperation between producer and consumer.
How Its result?? Company who treats this methode will be more survive and production also progressively mount, because all consumer or clients will return to come.
So, to all great friend which in this time is working, please give your smile to your partner, consumer, and all your clients, and to businessmen please make a briefing to your employees in order always smile to all clients and your consumer.
Isn’t the smile will give us healthy and beauty?

immediately...Smile for me, rigtht now

Monday, February 23, 2009


Blogsvertise is service of advertising base on blog. Name of " Blogsvertise" represents aliance of " Blog" and " Advertising". If you are a Publisher, you just register your blog that you have to Blogsvertise.Com. It's Free. The Management of Blogsvertise.Com will review and will contact You via email to tell your blog approved or not.
Blogsvertise.Com is third party becoming a medium between advertiser and publisher. Advertiser wishes the publisher to review their product or their website in publisher's blog that have registered in Blogsvertise.Com.

A Publisher in Blogsvertise.Com must make an article or review about the Advertiser's product or their website, which giving a review job and it post in publisher's blog.
There are some rules which must obey. Several of them are, the review must be written by own written and do not make copy-paste from other website. If you impinge this rule, you'd rejected by Blogsvertise.Com.
Beside that, your article or your review which you make at least two paragraph and load at least three ( 3) links to adviertiser's website. More link will be more add the reason of Blogsvertise.Com to approve your review .Link and address of URL product or website of Advertiser will be sent to you through your email by of Blogsvertise.Com. If the review have been made, you are just awaiting a confirmation from Blogsvertise; is your review accepted or refused.
Payment methode
How is the payment system and methode from Blogsvertise? The payment is done via PayPal account and they send 30 days after your review is accepted. You have to give your job (title,url,and review description) to the system before you earn.
For this payment methode, you must have a paypal account.

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Business!! A word which is very excite. Many people wish to jump to this field. From officer, employees, teacher, lecturer, retired, even all students till all fresh graduated. Because by entering this business will many obtained matter, namely money, skill, innovation, strategy, way of thinking quickly and dynamic, and also professionalism attitude.
Jump to business field in this time is not difficult anymore. Its meaning that someone not must provide of millions capital, not must rent building, not must recruit employees, not must print a lot of brochure . Only with capital in some hundred thousand, someone will be able to enter to the field of full of this challenge.
How is the way? Try jump to Online Business.
What are the basic matter to begin this business?

Please read the matter below:
  1. Improve your ability in internet with all its contents and also discussion with people who beforehand jump in this business
  2. Build your " office" by owning website and recruit " marketing staff" in the form by owning software and search engine to spray your product.
  3. If You don't have your product to be sold yet, look for a free office, like a blog or many freeweb which spread in internet
  4. Look for various the type of online business through search engine
  5. The First step to follow your online business is try to join in Free of charge business as test-drive your ability, like PPC or of PTC or of Review Program, or a suitable business for you.
  6. When you feel that your ability is increasing, try to follow the type of paying business like e-book reseller, affiliate , or MLM, or even Forex.
  7. Mastering payment system that avalable in internet like internet banking, paypal, egold, etc
  8. Improve your self to master foreign language much more
By doing matter above, now You have owned business. Remain to focus and consistent to Your business. Same as real world business, need promotion, require to take care of office and compile all innovation and strategy so that Your business become bigly.


Friday, February 13, 2009


Today is February, 14TH, 2009, Valentine’s day is coming.
A special day which is being waited many people, although this day is still often a debate.
Where it is come from, meaning, and the purpose of valentine's day still generate pro and contra in various circle till in this time.
Quit of all above, definitive of Valentine's day have taken root since long time until now especially among the youth which celebrating it variously. Many moments which they experience of, There is a special moment, non special moment, or several feel nothing special. many of them feel full of happiness, full of sadness untill feel bad mood in this day
In line with journey of time, the celebration of " this day" has reach to several parents. What for this celebration for them? Remember the beautiful memories? Deeping and tighten the relation among family member? Dine with all family member? Yes.. these are several answers.
In the reality although this day often disputed, this " affection day " has touched and celebrated by all people. A fair matter and is not wrong, as long as addressed to develop; build and tighten to feel brotherhood, sense of respecting each other, sense of esteeming each other, and sense of loving each other in humanity.
How with us all Blogger?? keep in GOOD RELATION AND our EXISTING CORDIALITY will not be ever elapse.

Piter M. Silitonga,S.Si
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Saturday, February 7, 2009


Many of giant company in Japan, like Mitsubishi, Mazda, Subaru, and Panasonic, reported to lose and stand by to lessen their workers. Meanwhile, one of the giant Pharmacy in Swiss, Roche, this Wednesday also report their advantage go down about 5 % become 7,3 milliard of euro because the effect of sale which decline sharply. Alcatel-Lucent, one of big technology company in Prancis also report losing about 3,89 milliard of euro in fiscal year which end this March.

This is one of the influence of global crisis which have writhed and enter to various like company above.

Beyond question, the biggest effect of this situation t is UNEMPLOYMENT.

Whosoever? Indiscriminate !!

As a proof, the newest News, 100.000 labour of Indonesia (TKI) which work in various manufacturing business in Malasya will immediately in “stop of working” ( PHK) during in this year (2009).

Where they go? Actually, many restaurants want to required them and work there in neighbour country. But many of them said that they have no experience in that area. And there is also refusing, and better back to indonesia and back to their hometown. There is also confuse and don't know what to do.

According to me especially for labor who confuse, Stay there for a while and try to get new experience in other field like restaurant, but if they have a capital, BACK HOME AND TRY TO BUILD OWN BUSINESS. SMALL BUSINESS OR HOME BUSINESS, NO PROBLEM.