Friday, February 13, 2009


Today is February, 14TH, 2009, Valentine’s day is coming.
A special day which is being waited many people, although this day is still often a debate.
Where it is come from, meaning, and the purpose of valentine's day still generate pro and contra in various circle till in this time.
Quit of all above, definitive of Valentine's day have taken root since long time until now especially among the youth which celebrating it variously. Many moments which they experience of, There is a special moment, non special moment, or several feel nothing special. many of them feel full of happiness, full of sadness untill feel bad mood in this day
In line with journey of time, the celebration of " this day" has reach to several parents. What for this celebration for them? Remember the beautiful memories? Deeping and tighten the relation among family member? Dine with all family member? Yes.. these are several answers.
In the reality although this day often disputed, this " affection day " has touched and celebrated by all people. A fair matter and is not wrong, as long as addressed to develop; build and tighten to feel brotherhood, sense of respecting each other, sense of esteeming each other, and sense of loving each other in humanity.
How with us all Blogger?? keep in GOOD RELATION AND our EXISTING CORDIALITY will not be ever elapse.

Piter M. Silitonga,S.Si
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