Monday, February 23, 2009


Business!! A word which is very excite. Many people wish to jump to this field. From officer, employees, teacher, lecturer, retired, even all students till all fresh graduated. Because by entering this business will many obtained matter, namely money, skill, innovation, strategy, way of thinking quickly and dynamic, and also professionalism attitude.
Jump to business field in this time is not difficult anymore. Its meaning that someone not must provide of millions capital, not must rent building, not must recruit employees, not must print a lot of brochure . Only with capital in some hundred thousand, someone will be able to enter to the field of full of this challenge.
How is the way? Try jump to Online Business.
What are the basic matter to begin this business?

Please read the matter below:
  1. Improve your ability in internet with all its contents and also discussion with people who beforehand jump in this business
  2. Build your " office" by owning website and recruit " marketing staff" in the form by owning software and search engine to spray your product.
  3. If You don't have your product to be sold yet, look for a free office, like a blog or many freeweb which spread in internet
  4. Look for various the type of online business through search engine
  5. The First step to follow your online business is try to join in Free of charge business as test-drive your ability, like PPC or of PTC or of Review Program, or a suitable business for you.
  6. When you feel that your ability is increasing, try to follow the type of paying business like e-book reseller, affiliate , or MLM, or even Forex.
  7. Mastering payment system that avalable in internet like internet banking, paypal, egold, etc
  8. Improve your self to master foreign language much more
By doing matter above, now You have owned business. Remain to focus and consistent to Your business. Same as real world business, need promotion, require to take care of office and compile all innovation and strategy so that Your business become bigly.


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