Monday, October 26, 2009


Homeschooling education method is  expostulated by many societies in this time, as an alternative in education especially education for children. As far as we know, many methods to improve our children ability to welcome globalization and to prepare themselves to reach the future. One method to prepare themselves is home schooling. Below I try to explain the meaning of homeschooling and all of the advantages and negatives.

Commonly  home schooling is one of education method where parents are responsible to their children education by using house as a school or class room. In this case, parents directly involve in education process. But sometime  many parents owe  teachers to teach their children in this learning method. For the first time, this home schooling system was increase in USA and several developed countries in the world. And then it grows in all countries recently, include Indonesia.  In Indonesia, this  home schooling system has been arranged according to the law, and every student in home schooling can take National Test together with student in formal  school. Goverment doesn’t manage the learning process, but the result of this is confessed same with normal school.

Home schooling, advantages and negatives
  1. Free to choose the own schedule. Many parents want their children learn in the morning, afternoon or evening. So, home schooling can accommodate the time.
  2. The subject/material more variables. Student can focus in one subject they like and can practice it in anytime at home
  3. We can know the children activities every day. This is one  great advantage because parents know children activites like learning process and their attitude.
  4. Learning method full of concentration, concept and aplicatif.
  5. Home schooling is suitable to  protect  in learning process, especially for disabled people, and avoid social problem like fight, bullying,drug and worthless.

    1. Many pressures. Because every person who teach in this home schooling has different method, so the pressure can arise if parents compare their method with the others.
    2. Parents must work with an extra time and energy. From preparing children material,arrange the house until manage all family member.
    3. Children who take home schooling will feel less associate with  others, because they learn private and  no group or team like formal school.
    4. The school fee is more expensive than formal school.
    5. There is no competition, so children can’t compare their ability with other children.
      So, from explain above with advantage and negative in home schooling, is this home schooling will be a suitable or an alternative school for your children education?

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      Thursday, October 22, 2009


      Thursday, 22 October 2009 Microsoft have launched their new product  namely Operating System Windows 7. Especially in Indonesia, many users said the arrival of this new OS  have taken breath away and agape, and they said, this Windows 7 is one of the best OS which have owned by Microsoft.  According to many sources, beside feature and ability, this OS will make IT industry is progressively sexy and give high stimulus in IT in Indonesia.  It means, this new OS will make request gambol in computer market  and will extend PC market in Indonesia.

      Like usual, the price of Operating System still heavy for many users, although Indonesia named in emerging market (developing countries). There are  4 varians for this OS  namely Windows 7 versi Home Basic, Home Premium, Profesional dan Ultimate.  The price for each varian is start from 900 thousand rupiahs until 3,5 million rupiahs. This price is cheaper if compared with other country which grouped in  mature market. Difference of can reach  10-20 persen.

      Because  the arrival of their new OS Windows 7, finally Microsoft decide to stop selling of  Windows XP in  Indonesia. Lukman Susetio, Windows Client Product Manager Microsoft Indonesia said, windows xp is not for sale anymore by microsoft since last august.
      So, Now Microsoft  will be focus to sell their new OS, Vista and Windows 7. although Vista is not so good in market, but  Microsoft still remain to maintain it.

      So..good bye Microsoft XP.. 

      Monday, October 19, 2009


      Android is a mobile operating system running on the Linux kernel. It was initially developed by Google and later the Open Handset Alliance. In July 2005, Google acquired Android, Inc., a small startup company based in Palo Alto, California, USA. Android's co-founders who went to work at Google included Andy Rubin (co-founder of Danger), Rich Miner (co-founder of Wildfire Communications, Inc.), Nick Sears (once VP at T-Mobile[11]), and Chris White (headed design and interface development at WebTV). At the time, little was known about the functions of Android, Inc. other than that they made software for mobile phones. This began rumors that Google was planning to enter the mobile phone market, although it was unclear what function it might perform in that market.

      In September 2007, InformationWeek covered an Evalueserve study reporting that Google had filed several patent applications in the area of mobile telephony. On 5 November 2007, the Open Handset Alliance, a consortium of several companies which include Texas Instruments, Broadcom Corporation, Google, HTC, Intel, LG, Marvell Technology Group, Motorola, Nvidia, Qualcomm, Samsung Electronics, Sprint Nextel and T-Mobile was unveiled with the goal to develop open standards for mobile devices. Along with the formation of the Open Handset Alliance, the OHA also unveiled their first product, Android, a mobile device platform built on the Linux kernel version 2.6. On 9 December 2008, it was announced that 14 new members would be joining the Android project including: ARM Holdings Plc, Atheros Communications, Asustek Computer Inc, Garmin Ltd, Softbank, Sony Ericsson, Toshiba Corp, and Vodafone Group Plc.

      In 21 October 2008, Android has been available as open source. Google opened the entire source code (including network and telephony stacks under an Apache License. With the Apache License, vendors are free to add proprietary extensions without submitting those back to the open source community.

      Analysts suggest that by 2012, Android could be the second largest mobile phone OS with 14% of the market, behind Symbian (with 36%) and in front of iPhone OS (with 13%). Gartner suggests "Android is simply licensed to more manufacturers with strong companies like HTC, LG, and Dell behind it".

      Saturday, October 3, 2009


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