Thursday, October 22, 2009


Thursday, 22 October 2009 Microsoft have launched their new product  namely Operating System Windows 7. Especially in Indonesia, many users said the arrival of this new OS  have taken breath away and agape, and they said, this Windows 7 is one of the best OS which have owned by Microsoft.  According to many sources, beside feature and ability, this OS will make IT industry is progressively sexy and give high stimulus in IT in Indonesia.  It means, this new OS will make request gambol in computer market  and will extend PC market in Indonesia.

Like usual, the price of Operating System still heavy for many users, although Indonesia named in emerging market (developing countries). There are  4 varians for this OS  namely Windows 7 versi Home Basic, Home Premium, Profesional dan Ultimate.  The price for each varian is start from 900 thousand rupiahs until 3,5 million rupiahs. This price is cheaper if compared with other country which grouped in  mature market. Difference of can reach  10-20 persen.

Because  the arrival of their new OS Windows 7, finally Microsoft decide to stop selling of  Windows XP in  Indonesia. Lukman Susetio, Windows Client Product Manager Microsoft Indonesia said, windows xp is not for sale anymore by microsoft since last august.
So, Now Microsoft  will be focus to sell their new OS, Vista and Windows 7. although Vista is not so good in market, but  Microsoft still remain to maintain it.

So..good bye Microsoft XP.. 

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