Monday, September 29, 2014

Don't Do This For Your Health Heart

The heart is a vital organ in our body. That's why would have to be maintained  performance and health. Heart disease triggered by various factors such as daily living habits, diet, sleep patterns, habits of staying up late, smoking till alcohol consumption. 

The following habits sometimes we do not realize also can threaten the health of our heart 

1. Often Angry / Temperamental 
Try to be calm in the face of everything that trigger anger. Quick-tempered blood pressure and pulses of electric current to the heart is interrupted, causing a buildup of fat in the arteries. A study published in the journal Circulation reveals, 13,000 middle-aged participants temperamental normal blood pressure have an increased risk of heart problems three times larger. 

2. Rarely Eat Fruit 
The higher consumption of fruits and vegetables, the lower the risk of cardiovascular disease. Eat as often as possible lettuce, spinach, broccoli, cabbage, bok choy, lemons, oranges, and grapes are believed to be effective to protect the heart from various disorders. 

3. Rarely Flossing 
Flossing or flossing special apparently also determine the health of your heart. Bacteria that accumulate as a result of which rarely cleaned teeth gum infection and trigger inflammation that can spread throughout the body, including the heart. 
"The bacteria cause inflammation that lead to complications such as narrowing of the blood vessels to the heart," explains Matthew dentist Nejad and Kyle Stanley was quoted as saying of 

4. Snoring 
Snoring signifies one's heart health. Snoring always dengam problems associated sleep disturbance due to difficulty in breathing (apnea) which can lead to heart failure. 
According to the American Heart Association, when someone who snores stop breathing five to 30 times an hour during sleep, they can suddenly awakened suddenly. It can trigger acceleration of the heart rate to heart failure. 

5. Watching TV over time 
Everything that is excessive is not good, no exception watch tv. Not because of the show, but the lazy lifestyle because it's too long "hang out" in front of the tv. 
A study in Clinical Diabetes ever reveal two hours watching TV can increase the risk of diabetes, heart disease, and even death, because of the fat that has accumulated due to rarely move. 
Every two hours spent in front of the TV trigger the risk of diabetes by 20 percent, 15 percent cardiovascular, and mortality 13 percent.

So, don't do 5 points above for your health heart


Sunday, September 7, 2014

Don't Throw Your Banana Skin Anymore

Do You fften and like to eat bananas? In addition to the benefits that are very important for the body, it turns banana peels are very useful in everyday life. Usually shortly after eating bananas, we immediately throw away the skin. Now, we can change this action. 

Why? Because the banana peel has the following benefits:

Being Fertilizer
Cut the banana skin and place it on the ground around the tomato plants. With the nutrients they Contain, banana peels can help plant growth.

Healing the Wounds
When your skin is Injured as a result of insect or mosquito bites, banana peels are very useful. By rubbing the banana peel on the Injured, the wounded and the itching will be cured.

Meat Thawing
when You feel difficult to soften the meat, it turns banana peels can be included while cooking the meat and make the meat becomes soft.

Juice Banana Skin
In addition to eat of bananas, its skin could made in juice. The trick with a banana peel boil about 10 minutes, then blended together with the other fruits.

Shoe Shine
When you run out of shoe polish, you can use banana peels as his successor. Combine banana skin with a little water, then wipe the shoe. Your shoes will be shiny again.

With the benefits above, do not immediately throw the banana peel after you finish eating this nutritious fruit. In addition, carelessly throwing banana peels can make others slip and fall because they trample this banana skin.