Thursday, January 29, 2009


Global Warming and Global Crisis are two terms which make scared of the world society in this time. Not half the battle effect from both event.
Liquefaction of ice pole, earth temperature which progressively hot, irregular season is some effect of Global Warming. At the same time herewith, The Global Crisis also invade with many retired employees, unemployment threat, unstable economics systems, requirement progressively mount and many more...

Altogether bring misery..! We Don't know who is its perpetrator.

Quit of whom and what cause factor both of this event, What can we do now?

Wait and See ?? It's impossible. Demonstrate ?? No Result. Not give a dam ?? Might possibly.
Doing activities like usual and read news?? Reasonable

Praying and Working?? According to me, this is the best way.

Praying , in order God give us spirit , patience, hope and health. Thereby we able to enjoy all result of sweat and able to enjoy all the beautiful earth of His creation.

Working, so that we can eat and drink and fulfill requirement of life.

But don’t forget !! all our activities also must with Efficiency.

Thrift in all sector will influence and minimize the effect both of event above.

Usage of energy which in moderation, usage of ozone friendly materials and recycleable materials , and also love and use cheap and quality domestic product are several methods to make this way.

Once again, Praying, working, and efficiency.

Best Regards
Piter Silitonga

Monday, January 26, 2009


Three giants company in world internet business, Google, Yahoo and Microsoft ever have a plan to work each other, but failing.

Microsoft ever have a plan to buy Yahoo but they are refused. Google and Yahoo also ever have a plan to work along also fail. With this global crisis attack maybe they have no intention to continue or revise several causes this " failure".

Finally they remain to such as those which first, walk by themselves in crisis storm puff which also tickle existence of them in this time. What are their way or strategy to face the condition like this?

Let us correct and read what they’ve done:


Carol Bratz, the new of yahoo CEO has made a decision their employees don't get a raise salary for the year of 2009, with reason to press the expense and at the same time boost up advantage of company which ever shaking.

This decision is more able to be accepted if compare to discontinuing their employees, because last month Yahoo have time to announce discontinuing 500 their employees.


Google make a decision and they discontinuing 100 employees, this amount is a quarter of officer of rekrutmen in this giant of internet company. In this time Google have almost 20.000 employees spread over all the world. Google also stop contractor and make a decision decreasing of annual gift to its employees, and close some of Engineering office in Austin, Phoenix, Norwegian and of Swedia. Some project of less saleable even also its plan will be discontinued by Google, including Catalog Search, Notebook, My Me and Dodgeball.


This giant software Company announce officially will discontinuing about 5000 worker in this recent time to depress fare structure and lessen the effect of crisis. The Target of this discontinuing is to press the cost of company until US$ 1,5 billion per year. This occurence is the biggest and the first time since this Mr Bill gates's company is founded in the year 1975.

With this way and strategy, can this three giant company will be able survive ??

HOPEFULLY !! .....If not, "I cannot " making this post

Best Regards

Piter Silitonga

Saturday, January 10, 2009


Looking for a job by reading vacancy or opportunity info is the first step when someone have a new status as a "fresh graduated" . Usually they look for a job by reading newspaper or magazine, because both of these are the easiest to find and available for all.
For all "fresh graduated" who looking for a job by reading advertisement, it's better to analyze and understand about the vacancy content. It means, what kind of vacancy which you read and kind of job do you wish ? Is the vacancy show you the type of job which suitable for you and suitable to your ability ?. Here are several the content of vacancy.

If the advertisement is written like this:
Great opportunity, it meanings your salary is rather low.
Varied responsibilities, its meanings You become a public staf to handle any job which is given any time, wherever and by whoever.
Self – starter wanted, its meaning You must be able to motivate your self, and your salary depend on your target and on your self motivation
High – energy environment, its meaning You have to prepare your self for working battyly, if necessary until do not come home for a long time.
A people oriented job, its meanings You have to able to answer all customers' or clients' telephone which often too fierce.
Planning and coordinating, its meanings You have to ready to arrange multifariously of journey schedule, activities, and lunch of your boss.
An investment in your future, its meanings that the remuneration systems is pyramid systems or franchise/ Multilevel Marketing ( MLM).

Are the kind of vacancy above, suitable for you?? If Yes, make application right now, if No, Find another

Best Regards

Piter M.S,S.Si

Thursday, January 8, 2009


Suddenly I remembered the best seller book from Robert T. Kiyosaki “ The cashflow Quadrant”. The citation in one of sub topic in this book said like this:

" To become more peaceful in financial condition, besides doing work in quadrant " E"(Employe) or " SE ( Self Employe ), all individual also better get knowledge and abilities in quadrant " B" ( Business) and I" ( investor). By owning ability in both sides of quadrant, they automatically they will feel more peaceful."

The other paragraph also tell " Someone who is only knowing or mastering about his profession or his job, they will always feel groggy and is not peaceful .


The citation above is one of the challenge in this era. This groggy condition and is not peaceful often happened to someone who work in quadrant " E" or " SE".
The people
who has a job in group " E" or " SE" when they enter in a pension period or hit by PHK become more worry by saying " What is my activity later ?" or " How is my financial condition later?

This worry is caused when someone is still active running their job or doing their profession, they only focus in one field (their profession or their job) and never trying or mastering to study or deepen the other quadrant.

although it is not impossible that they have much opportunities to master kuadran " B" or " I" when they run their job or doing its profession, or have enough capital to build a business. As according to journey of time, finally all opportunity become losing and missing and when a difficult periode come they feel worry and don't know how to solve.

All readers, if now You work in quadrant " E" or " SE", to loose your worry and feel more peaceful by financial, its better trying to peep and study and mastering quadrant " B" or " I" from now.

Its meaning, besides as an employees ( E), You also have a business ( B). So You have owned TWO quadrant. Two better than one, isn’t it? Thereby, No worry and have a good financial condition.

bestt regards,

Piter Silitonga

Monday, January 5, 2009


Happy New Year !! Is yelled AGAIN by almost all resident in the world , precisely at 00.00 , 01 January 2009. All the people in the world sounding trumpet and sprinkling millions of fireworks aflame in to sky. The " New Year " is coming. All problem that still remain during year 2008 becoming sink and look like fall into oblivion about 30 - 60 minutes.

But after daytime in the same date and tomorrow at 2 of January, tomorrow again the
3 January and on Sunday the 4 January, then on Monday the 5 January, all our Daily Activities return normally as usual.

Many resident not give a dam with this routine activity or do not think that this is a problem.They do this duty with smile, enjoying and full of happiness.

On the contrary, things which not yet complete in year 2008 like
global crisis problem , white-collar which not yet is complete, redemption of credit card debt is still hang fire, the unemployed state for many persons, problem at school, till the problem of Final Duty is still hang fire, etc, still encumber mind of many people.

Are all this problems will be end or even
heavier in this new year ? . It's hard to say…. Even all expert diviner only can forecast and prediction

Every second journey of our
life, of course each person never graduated from every problem or from something that encumber their mind. It means, the problem always there is on us . Today is " No Problem" but tomorrow is " Something Problem".. The situation like this always come continuously and in rotation for each person

Readers, to be a person who able smile, happy, and enjoy to face this new year with all its problem, the OPTIMISM attitude must become ours.

OPTIMISM can be woke up with smart work / hard, assiduous, patiently, wisdom, focus, have a better planning, taking of opportunity, positive thinking, and the last is don't forget grateful and praying.

All will be nice in its moment, isn't it?

Best regards

piter silitonga

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