Thursday, January 29, 2009


Global Warming and Global Crisis are two terms which make scared of the world society in this time. Not half the battle effect from both event.
Liquefaction of ice pole, earth temperature which progressively hot, irregular season is some effect of Global Warming. At the same time herewith, The Global Crisis also invade with many retired employees, unemployment threat, unstable economics systems, requirement progressively mount and many more...

Altogether bring misery..! We Don't know who is its perpetrator.

Quit of whom and what cause factor both of this event, What can we do now?

Wait and See ?? It's impossible. Demonstrate ?? No Result. Not give a dam ?? Might possibly.
Doing activities like usual and read news?? Reasonable

Praying and Working?? According to me, this is the best way.

Praying , in order God give us spirit , patience, hope and health. Thereby we able to enjoy all result of sweat and able to enjoy all the beautiful earth of His creation.

Working, so that we can eat and drink and fulfill requirement of life.

But don’t forget !! all our activities also must with Efficiency.

Thrift in all sector will influence and minimize the effect both of event above.

Usage of energy which in moderation, usage of ozone friendly materials and recycleable materials , and also love and use cheap and quality domestic product are several methods to make this way.

Once again, Praying, working, and efficiency.

Best Regards
Piter Silitonga

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