Thursday, January 8, 2009


Suddenly I remembered the best seller book from Robert T. Kiyosaki “ The cashflow Quadrant”. The citation in one of sub topic in this book said like this:

" To become more peaceful in financial condition, besides doing work in quadrant " E"(Employe) or " SE ( Self Employe ), all individual also better get knowledge and abilities in quadrant " B" ( Business) and I" ( investor). By owning ability in both sides of quadrant, they automatically they will feel more peaceful."

The other paragraph also tell " Someone who is only knowing or mastering about his profession or his job, they will always feel groggy and is not peaceful .


The citation above is one of the challenge in this era. This groggy condition and is not peaceful often happened to someone who work in quadrant " E" or " SE".
The people
who has a job in group " E" or " SE" when they enter in a pension period or hit by PHK become more worry by saying " What is my activity later ?" or " How is my financial condition later?

This worry is caused when someone is still active running their job or doing their profession, they only focus in one field (their profession or their job) and never trying or mastering to study or deepen the other quadrant.

although it is not impossible that they have much opportunities to master kuadran " B" or " I" when they run their job or doing its profession, or have enough capital to build a business. As according to journey of time, finally all opportunity become losing and missing and when a difficult periode come they feel worry and don't know how to solve.

All readers, if now You work in quadrant " E" or " SE", to loose your worry and feel more peaceful by financial, its better trying to peep and study and mastering quadrant " B" or " I" from now.

Its meaning, besides as an employees ( E), You also have a business ( B). So You have owned TWO quadrant. Two better than one, isn’t it? Thereby, No worry and have a good financial condition.

bestt regards,

Piter Silitonga

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