Monday, January 5, 2009


Happy New Year !! Is yelled AGAIN by almost all resident in the world , precisely at 00.00 , 01 January 2009. All the people in the world sounding trumpet and sprinkling millions of fireworks aflame in to sky. The " New Year " is coming. All problem that still remain during year 2008 becoming sink and look like fall into oblivion about 30 - 60 minutes.

But after daytime in the same date and tomorrow at 2 of January, tomorrow again the
3 January and on Sunday the 4 January, then on Monday the 5 January, all our Daily Activities return normally as usual.

Many resident not give a dam with this routine activity or do not think that this is a problem.They do this duty with smile, enjoying and full of happiness.

On the contrary, things which not yet complete in year 2008 like
global crisis problem , white-collar which not yet is complete, redemption of credit card debt is still hang fire, the unemployed state for many persons, problem at school, till the problem of Final Duty is still hang fire, etc, still encumber mind of many people.

Are all this problems will be end or even
heavier in this new year ? . It's hard to say…. Even all expert diviner only can forecast and prediction

Every second journey of our
life, of course each person never graduated from every problem or from something that encumber their mind. It means, the problem always there is on us . Today is " No Problem" but tomorrow is " Something Problem".. The situation like this always come continuously and in rotation for each person

Readers, to be a person who able smile, happy, and enjoy to face this new year with all its problem, the OPTIMISM attitude must become ours.

OPTIMISM can be woke up with smart work / hard, assiduous, patiently, wisdom, focus, have a better planning, taking of opportunity, positive thinking, and the last is don't forget grateful and praying.

All will be nice in its moment, isn't it?

Best regards

piter silitonga

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