Thursday, June 30, 2011

Eating Chili Will Make Us Healthy

Since time immemorial, chili has been used as an ingredient  connoisseur. Without the presence of chilies in the food, the enjoyment when dining will be reduced and tasteless. With the chili in the diet, the appetite is greatly increased.

Aside from being a material that often accompany our meal, it turns out chili has been used as a remedy for inflammation and blood circulation. In fact, the blood flows faster, the body will more quickly replace damaged cells and remove toxins from the body.

That is, when we eat spicy foods are the various advantages to be gained body and can reduce and cure various diseases.
Based on several studies, this spicy foods has many benefits, among them the following.
  • Heart healthy. Chili healthy heart by preventing blood clots. Research also shows levels of bad cholesterol / LDL can prevent oxidation that can cause blockage of blood vessels. Capsaicin is also effective against inflammation, which has been identified as risk factors for heart disease.
  • Blood circulation. Spicy foods will circulation and lowers blood pressure. Chili also helps strengthen blood vessel walls as vitamin A and C it.
  • Lose weight. Chillies contain capsaicin which will speed up your metabolism and helps the body burn calories faster. This happens because capsaicin increases body temperature and plays a role in increasing heart rate. Furthermore, studies show people who like spicy food usually eaten in small portions so that the weight is more awake.
  • Anti cancer. Many studies show regular consumption of spicy foods will reduce the risk of cancer.Capsaicin slowed the growth of cancer cells and in many cases the cancer cells diewithout harming surrounding healthy cells.
  • Flu. Capsaicin helps increase transpiration and eliminate the annoying symptoms of flu.Spicy foods will also help open the airway, reducing sinusitis, and other flu symptoms.
  • Improve digestive function. Benefits of chili in the gastrointestinal tract is to increase blood circulation in the stomach and increase the mucus layer. Capsaicin also helps kill the bacteria H. pyloricauses stomach ulcers. But if you experience heartburn (heartburn) after a spicymeal, try antiacid tablet that will neutralize the acid in the stomach.
  • Keeping the mood. Cayenne pepper increases the level of endorphins and serotonin which eliminatespain and gives a feeling of comfort. This hormone can act as fighting stress anddepression.
  • Smooth breathing. Spicy foods act like espektoran and help people with asthma, chronic bronchitis,sinusitis and other respiratory diseases breathe better.

Saturday, April 16, 2011

The benefit of Phytochemicals in Apples

Apples (Rosaceae Malus domestica) is a fruit that is highly recommended to be consumed than other fruits. The experts agree that apples contain all the mineral elements required according to the dosage needed for the body.

One of the important chemical compounds in apple fruit is a phytochemical. This substance will be functioning as an antioxidant that can fight bad cholesterol (LDL), which potentially clog the blood vessels.
With the antioxidant content, then damage the cells or tissue of blood vessels can be prevented. At the same time, the antioxidant will increase good cholesterol (HDL) is beneficial for preventing heart disease and blood vessels. In a study in Finland in 1996, that people who diet containing phytochemicals, low risk for cardiac illness.

Phytochemical substances found in apple skin, according to a study at Cornell University in the United States, is also beneficial inhibit colon cancer cell growth by 43 percent and can reduce the incidence of lung cancer. The researchers believe the respiratory function will be better because the content of phytochemicals in the apples absorb the negative effects of oxidants that damage organs.

By looking at the remarkable ability of the apple, the expression "An apple a day keeps the doctor away" was very appropriate. By eating an apple every day will make our body healthy.

Wednesday, March 30, 2011


Cholesterol is a fat or lipids in the blood. Cholesterol in the blood flow and mixedbecause of the lipoproteins which are tiny particles of cholesterol and fat-coatedprotein. There are two main types of lipoproteins they are LDL (low density lipoprotein) and HDL(high density lipoprotein). If the excess LDL in the blood, it will accumulate, harden and clog blood flow. This willresult in Coronary Artery Disease (CAD) or stroke.

Because hoarding plaq in blood vessels showed no significant symptoms, but insteadwe feel cheated by this state. To know this then we are obliged to check cholesterol toavoid dangerous consequences.

Some of the parameters and figures to consider when checking cholesterol can be seen in the following table:

If you feel the results table showing symptoms of something wrong, do the following tips:
1. Balanced lifestyle and avoid the risk of stress
2. Eating healthy foods and high in fiber. Reduce fatty foods to prevent obesity.
3. Immediately stop smoking. Smoking causes reduced blood vessel elasticity,increased hardening of the   arteries and trigger a stroke.
4. Reduce and avoid alcoholic beverages.
5. Regular exercise.
6. Avoid using illegal drugs.
7. Drink food supplement that is safe for long-term cholesterol reduction.

Sunday, March 13, 2011


Maybe you've known the function of vitamin C in the body. It is not just for body's organs healthy, but vitamin C has other important functions that make our skin to be beautiful and bright. Many people inject this vitamins just to get beautiful skin and shining.

Vitamins that also known as Ascorbic Acid is urgently needed human body. Why? Because this vitamin is not produced directly by the body. Therefore sometime we need it through food or injections.

Many people think, to get this vitamin must pay higher and get it only through injections or capsules. Thus we are often confused how to get continuously every day.

If  look around us, actually there are many sources of everyday foods that have high vitamin C content. Sometimes we forget that the source of the food that we eat everyday in reality  is a source of  good and rich of vitamin C.

The sources of food around us with easily available and very cheap are:

Red and green vegetables
Spinach, carrots, or broccoli, contain more beta-carotene functions as an antioxidant for the skin. In addition to preventing damage to cells, beta-carotene also be converted by the body into vitamin A which is useful as anti oxidant and to combat acne, produces new skin cells and make skin color look brighter and younger. It would be better if we get vitamin A directly from the food and not from vitamin supplements, because of excess vitamin A can actually interfere with our health.

This water creature is rich in Omega-3 fatty acids which are the main recipe for healthy heart and  a sunny bright skin. In addition, eating sardines, tuna, or salmon are rich in protein can help protect skin from sun exposure and pollution. The protein contained in it helps the reproductive cells and make skin look radiant.

All types of citrus fruit is a source of vitamin C, which have many benefits for the skin. Vitamin C increases the production of collagen and elastin in our bodies, which serves to reduce wrinkles and prevent aging skin. He is also believed to slow the production of melanin, the pigment that makes skin appear darker.

Saturday, January 8, 2011


Maybe you already know since long that in addition to bringing fitness and wellness for the body, regular exercise also can improve sexual performance. However, from the wide variety of sports that you do not all make the body better able to respond to sex. 

There are several types of sports that are specifically able to make the body respond better to sex life. With this type of exercise is most likely that you will obtain sexual gratification. This course will bring a double benefit for you. In addition to an exciting sex will also be flooded with loving praise and a touch of affection of the couple. 

What type of sport? 

1. Push-ups. As always, do this by making sure your back straight when you touch your nose to the floor. 
2. Abdominals. Lying flat on the floor, put both hands on the neck, bend your knees, and position your feet tread on the floor. Raise both legs up to shoulder level. 
3. Deadlifts. At a position slightly bent, hold the weight of the body using one hand, and the other hand lifting dumbbells and return to its original position. Do it in the hands of one another. 
4. Torso side bends and twist. Position the body such as the abdominals exercise, but this time focusing on the right side and left abdomen when lifting both feet. 

By routinely do this type of sport above, satisfaction and resilience must be semaikin meaningful sex. For better results, do this exercise 20 minutes before sex. Exercise is also able to increase muscle mass, strength, and endurance is longer for sex. 

Good luck