Monday, March 30, 2009


Do You have dream? Is that dream near by or a long way off?
No problem small or big dream, which is name of dream, everybody owning it.
it is not easy to reach that dream. To really serious You wish to reach dream, of course it is accompanied with a strong desire for self-motivation to that dream become reality.
This desire it is of course should be able to be done truly. abundant ambition and something with instant exactly make dream go away.
According to me, this dream is same with a craving girl which do not want to come near by too ambitious someone, someone which impatient or wish to reach something with instant.
So, make yours dream become reality with small step. Make small stages;steps to a small dream so that lead to last your dream. impossible someone become champion of marathon without have run short-haully isn’ it? Or not possible to a Chris Jhon hold world champion belt without patient and routine practice and champion at small event, isn’t it?
To all great friend which in this time have blog, is Your dream? Wish rich with your blog? Want to be a famous writer? Immediately take small step to make your blog become a favorite blog with a lot of visitors

Tuesday, March 10, 2009


Sunday, 8 March 2009 for awhile I leave many activities especially in blogging such as blog walking, posting, commenting, submit to search engine and learning seo. 
Because We have to go enjoying holiday to one of Indonesia’s favorite place, samosir island and lake toba. At 7.00 in the morning, we leave medan city and passing Lubuk Pakam-Tebing- Siantar city. Four-hours trip, we start down the road towards the Parapat city and finally any posts WELCOME TO PARAPAT, It signs that we have arrived in this place.
As scheduled, immediately come to Ajibata, go up to Ferry ship and move to Samosir Island, a beautiful and famous island that wrapped by lake Toba's water. During the ship is running, I take a strategic position with the intent to look far and free to enjoy this beautiful Nature.
A view of clear water spreaded with a small wave, peaceful and quiet,  small boats comb the fringe of the lake, and the green trees that grow beside the lake, stone hills that hard,  and onethe most amazing is the green and high mountains reach the blue sky.
All beautiful and glamour 
I realize, "how beautiful this scene who God created, and glamour scene also God gives to my country.
Samosir Island and Lake Toba is one of the beautiful places in this country and indeed many other beautiful places. But many have been damaged, not maintained, even exploitation.

Don't let this happen! Save beauty of INDONESIA

Wednesday, March 4, 2009


Feel give up often happened in our daily activity all day. Don'T know where and don't know when surely we have ever give up. When someone is not able to overcome a problem even if it has followed over the 8 point, or have followed many roads to Rome,the last word he said is give up.
It’s It is reasonable!! That is unreasonable when someone is already in the arena or have not even entered the arena has a direct do not feel capable.
Finally? There are losers, there is which is fail to pass examination, there is which is fail in interview and have not a job yet, even someone fail to create a blog because they have no self confidence or braveness to make post or to decorate their blog.
So… for all of you, which during the time feel easy surender, changeable immediately 180 degree right now become a difficult surender individu or even will never GIVE UP. Never give up before going through 8 point lead and go through many ways to Rome. But if you feel and have been gone through and you always get a fail , yes.. there is a reason to give up.

" Don’t give up Uncle".
You possible have heard this sentence. This first sentence is once heard by year 1965 on 30 September. A young man still have time to yell this sentence to his uncle which is that moment is struggling to face lethal.

Once again, Never give up before you reach many ways and methodes

Tuesday, March 3, 2009


When I join for the first in youtube, I progressively often visit this online video. For the first this youtube purposed to share video, but now this channel rounding into a media especially entertainment, information, and advertising also. Almost people who online always visit this one, and this online video is the second rank after Google as the owner.
We can understand, why youtube always visited by us when sit in front of computer. In youtube we get many events and informations about many things, such as funny video,tragedy,life style,innovations,success story, bad story, earth quake, technology, solving problem to dissaled people and many more.
Conscious of very potential benefit at the opposite of this fact, many people using Youtube as a media promotion of their effort, themselves, and unique events in their life.
For all bloggers who promote their blogs or website, entrepreneur, salesman who sale products, and some one who promote himself to be an actor or model, and someone who share their hobby and their ideas, try using youtube video.
Make your video with good performance, send your unique experience, send about your ability and unique hobby or something that you find a new or strange one that you fine or in your life.
All important create an unique video and new matter that has no other people, although the duration 1 or 2 menits and it makes your video has many visitors.

Ok. Join in this youtube, click here.
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Monday, March 2, 2009


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When you create a blog for the first time, maybe in that time you purpose to pour what’s in your mind, your idea, or sharing all your experience with the others. After You progressively deepen the world of blog, maybe you will think, do I create this blog just wanna make a post, blogwalking, and leaving comments in other blog??
I think no. If you treat your blog like that, Possibly it will make You feel bored. Though if seen farther still many other activities to treat your blog beside making a post, blogwalking or leaving a comment to other blog.
To be a progressively diligent in blogging try to monetize your blog.
Possible to all new comer in world of blog, still have confusing how to find the kind of suitable online business.
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Best regards.