Tuesday, March 10, 2009


Sunday, 8 March 2009 for awhile I leave many activities especially in blogging such as blog walking, posting, commenting, submit to search engine and learning seo. 
Because We have to go enjoying holiday to one of Indonesia’s favorite place, samosir island and lake toba. At 7.00 in the morning, we leave medan city and passing Lubuk Pakam-Tebing- Siantar city. Four-hours trip, we start down the road towards the Parapat city and finally any posts WELCOME TO PARAPAT, It signs that we have arrived in this place.
As scheduled, immediately come to Ajibata, go up to Ferry ship and move to Samosir Island, a beautiful and famous island that wrapped by lake Toba's water. During the ship is running, I take a strategic position with the intent to look far and free to enjoy this beautiful Nature.
A view of clear water spreaded with a small wave, peaceful and quiet,  small boats comb the fringe of the lake, and the green trees that grow beside the lake, stone hills that hard,  and onethe most amazing is the green and high mountains reach the blue sky.
All beautiful and glamour 
I realize, "how beautiful this scene who God created, and glamour scene also God gives to my country.
Samosir Island and Lake Toba is one of the beautiful places in this country and indeed many other beautiful places. But many have been damaged, not maintained, even exploitation.

Don't let this happen! Save beauty of INDONESIA

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