Sunday, May 31, 2009


Four days ago I received an invitation card form Citibank Credit Card. I opened the card and read slowly, they said, that I got a special gift as a valued card holder. Of course I brighten up. Citibank Credit Card gives me free a health appliance “advance miracle doctor”. This is a health appliance that produces antioxidant water maker. I get it free and without toss. Only commuting for invitation to a public square in my city. I have just commuted for this invitation, and I bring it home. Here is the picture...
Thanks again to citibank credit card management, coz although I am still 2 years become member and use my credit card as a loan and use to buy daily need, citibank credit card has believed to me. One a reason maybe I always pay the bill on time. Not only because of that, the main point is, that citibank credit card gives an appreciation for member who devoted for them. I think this a good service and a good appreciation to all credit card holder and they assume that client is the king. Without clients they are nothing.
In other case, many banks who gives credit card to clients doesn't have a care and never give an appreciation to their client although many of their client had join as a card holder for 8- 10 years. They are only claiming and forcing when client late to pay the bill and never give the client a free gift, although how much advantage which they obtain from a client which have used their credit card during through years.
So, for the bank who has many clients as a credit card holder for 3 years and pay their bill regulary and on time, please give an appreciation, not only forcing them when they are late to pay the bill.

Thanks once again to citibank credit card management...

Saturday, May 30, 2009


Can you live without money ? Can you happy without money? or are you working without salary? It’s an impossible, isn’t it? The main factor which can make you survive in life is money. People have many ways to find and to have this something valuable. When You go studying to school or university, it’s reaching your future and to get a happiness by owning much money. No people that not need money.
But why so difficult to get it?
Actually, money is available around and near you. It’s in the air. Have you taken your money? Have You taken it from the air ? Yes of course! How are the ways?
You go working and received your salary. You go fishing and sale your fishes, You are singing and get tips, You join to online business and get money, and many more.
But how is the way to add your money?
According to me, please don’t depend in one way. Please try to get money by several ways. Not only one methode depend on your skill. Improve your ability and have a braveness to catch money from the air.
Actually many opportunities to add your money. If you are a teacher, please not only depend on your salary. You can make a private class at home, and teach pupils and they can pay you. If you are a blogger, please try to make a book and it contains about all your post, and try to sale it. If you are an employees, and when you back at home, try to find side job like selling magazines or newspaper, If you are a housewife try to make food recipe and introduce your product to your friends. If they’re interest, they will need your skill and ask you to teach them. You can ask them to pay you.
About two weeks ago, I made a small class to teach people about how to create blog, and introduce several online business for them. They were very interested and they asked me to teach in their association to introduce blog and online business. They gave me about $375 as my salary. It means I have an other way to catch money from the air.
How about you? Catch it now...
by: piter silitonga

Friday, May 29, 2009


Keep in touch !! It can make an effect on your career or business improvement . When you find a new friend or new partner, I think it’s better to keep in touch with them. Why I said so, in one moment you might be meet million of persons or million of friends and make a sweet conversation each other, move around and meet the other, and give name card each other, but if you do it only once and don’t keep in touch with them, Its’ a moment only and no influence to your career or business.
How are the ways to find more people or new friends and making keep in touch with them?
  • Please join in profesional organization
  • Join in special club in art and culture
  • Come and have a diligent to attend social meeting, wedding, exhibition or launch new product.
When you do the way above and you get someone who become your friend and partner, please contact them regulary via phone, e-mail or others way that you think suitable to make them thrust you and like you. This is a reason for them to plan a new chance with you and It has potency to improve your career and business. As far as we know, all people always make a business with someone who cares, who believe each other, and understand each other.

For example, if you are a blogger and you wanna build a good relationship and "maybe" increase your page rank, please leave a comment in other blog, and do it every they create a new post. I think they will leave a comment in yours and the others blogger too.
This is one of “keep in touch” methode.

So, don’t offish this key..”keep in touch”

Monday, May 25, 2009


Hello readers.. I think this is a good news for You. Have You monetize your Blog? Of course yes..! As far as we know, Google Adsense, Review program ,affiliate program, and more are the common ways to get money from internet. Do you need more and add dollars into your pocket?
Right! I’ll tell You about this chance..
  • For the first, please join into Twitter is a service for friends, family, and co–workers to communicate and stay connected through the exchange of quick.
  • Visit, and click get start-join, then fill the form as shown below, after that click “creat my account”
  • Now you have joined in twitter, and start to promote your blog by filling the box with a question “what are you doing”? and "click update".
How do you get money from your tweet?
  • To take this chance, you must 50 followers in
  • Can you get it? Of course. Please follow the members and it’s possible they follow you.
  • But I have a fantastic way to get many followers. Just click HERE..fill the form, and you get your URL. Promote your url in twitter. In several minutes, you will get many followers.
  • When You get 50 followers or more, this is the good time to get money from your tweet.

This is the way:
1.Join into this page, and click this button

2.Like usual, fill the form, then login with your e-mail and password. After that you can click “post ads”
3. There are 3 kinds of ads, they are CPC,CPT and CPA.
CPC and CPT are only promote in twitter, where as CPA you can promote to the end of your email, or the signature line in your forum posts, or anywhere on your blog.
4. When someone click your ads, you earn money.
5. Don’t forget to read TOS and FAQ for the first before making an action.

Add your follower by visiting this page, click here
Earn money from your tweets with this button


Sunday, May 24, 2009


Do you need Ubuntu? About a month ago, I try to send a letter via e-mail to to request a free CD. I wait only about 2 weeks the Free CD Ubuntu was sent to my address from their adress in Netherlands.
I am so happy to receive this free CD, because I wanna learn and install Ubuntu to my laptop.

What is Ubuntu?

Ubuntu is an operating system consisting of free and open source software. With this software you can surf the web,read e-mail, create documents, spreadsheets and more. Ubuntu is powerful and flexibile for business,education and home use. This ubuntu is easy to install, free of viruses and perfect for laptops, desktops and servers.
Ubuntu is an ancient African word that means " humanity to others". This linux distribution brings the spirit of Ubuntu to the software world.

How to install ?

  • Put this CD in the CD drive and turn on or restart your computer. This will allow you to explore Ubuntu.
  • By default, installing Ubuntu will erase all existing sofware and data from your computer. If this is not what you want, You can install Ubuntu alongside your existing operating system instead.
  • Follow the instructions carefully during installation to do this.
  • If You prefer to try out Ubuntu from windows installation without repartitioning your hard disk, put the CD in the drive while windows is running and select " install inside Windows" when the installation screen appears.
  • After that you can restart your computer, and now you have two operation systems. You can choose your operaring system when your computer turn on after restarting or shutdown.
For more information you van visit, and you can request the CD like this free. Actually, You can download this software in that page. But I prefer to request this free CD directly for adding my software collection.


Many ways to reach success. Success in our life is one of the goal and no one can stop our success. Success or not is an option and depend on us. Every body has different way to reach this one. But in this case I have several tips for people who wants reach this success. Here they are:
  • Discipline yourself: This is one important in career. discipline to your time, discipline to your planning and discipline about your ability. Please say "no" to your self if there is an obsession appeals you to do something which can destroy your career
  • Focus and directional: Please focus to your job, focus to your target, and focus to your planning. Do you know that the laser ray can penetritive the steel? Yeahh..because of "focus and directional". This is different with the sun. The sun cannot penetritive the steel because the sun is not focus.
  • Develope yourself : Learn more and never stop learning. Upgrade yourself and please don't be shy to ask other about all, especially the other person which has the same mayor or the same skill like yours
  • Sale yourself: Show your ability, your productivity and your skill to other by working smart and show them your great hobby.
  • Improve your idea: Please be an inovatif person. Find the freshest idea is going into effect in all profession.
  • Don't disregard criticism : In all profession you are better open minded. You can open yourself to all critic and suggestion. Please don't angry or hopelessly whe someone make critic on you.
  • Love your job: Fall in love with your job and position can make you feel happy and have a spirit to reach higher career and make you get the success.

Wednesday, May 20, 2009


Have You had facebook? What facilities you get from this social network?
I think, when You join in facebook, you will get many facilities in this web. You can send and reply message or letter, free chatting, take quiz, or you can make a comunication with your old friend or your ex girl friend.
Three facilities that I like in facebook are Blogcast, Profile HTML, and Link. You can use this facilities to promote your Blog. With this three facilities your friends can read your new articles or new post in your blog.
Right..! In this case I am not talking about how to create or giving tricks about facebook, but only giving an opinion, “ Can facebook replace your e-mail?”
Let’s read these statement
  • E-mail and facebook can send and reply message or your note to your friend.
  • E-mail and facebook can send or share your photos,video,recently news, even in facebook more atractive than e-mail
  • E-mail and facebook can make conversation like chatting
  • E-mail and facebook can promote your blog, even in facebook this facility is better with Blogcast, link and you can use profile html to show your blog banner or blog button. When someone click this one it will be link to your blog E-mail and facebook
  • E-mail and facebook can give “gift” to friends when they get their birthday orn graduation,ect.
  • In e-mail can join in one group, in facebook we called it “group”
So, with the explanation above, can facebook replace e-mail?
In my opinion, facebook cannot replace your e-mail, especially to someone who follow online business because all the confirmation are sent to your e-mail. But for many people a more regular to visit their facebook account than e-mail. One is important, without e-mail we cannot join facebook
Piter m.silitonga

Sunday, May 17, 2009


Do you have a blog? If yes, maybe for the first target when you have blog is just sharing information, follow trend, try promoting your produc or business in internet,etc. Finally, when you build you blog and make nice post, your blog has many visitors and your google page rank increase also your traffick is growing rapidly
By increasing your blog, so you try to find an alternatif online business or you try to monetize your blog. You start to peep online business and looking for them in many search engine. There is Review Program, Affiliation program, Selling e-book, PPC Program, etc. From many kinds online business that you find, PPC program is one alternatif that possible. Why? Because You don’t have a special skill in this program. Just doing copy – paste the html code into your blog, and the advertisement is already in blog page and already to be clicked and read by visitors.
Who click your ads?
According to me, the visitor who click your ads is a person that doesn’t know about PPC program and they are searching information only . When they are finding an information in ads, mindlessly they click the ads and continue reading. They don't know what he clicked, is it google adsense, adbrite, bridvestise or other PPC and don't care maybe don’t know “ is the blog owner getting money by clicking the ads”?
I have two reasons about this statement:
1. If a blogger who knows and has ads in his blog is visiting other blog, he will not click the ads or we can say in other world, reluctant and shy at to click the ads, because he knows the kind and shape of ads and say hmmm this is a PPC. Beside that, he will think If I click this ads, it makes profiting to the blog owner, meanwhile there is no visitors click in my ads.
2. If our vistiors who leave comment in post comment or in shoutbox click the ads in our blog, please imagine how much our earning every day? In reality...many visitors in shoutbox and leaving comment, but the earning is zero..
So?? Never mind, keep blogging...


Readers, I wrote this post for all disabled people in the world in orther can share each other about their life especially to solve their problem to get job. Now, Maybe you have friends around you which have limitation or owning less perfect organ, such as there is a person who has no foot because of amputation, attached polyo since baby and two legs no power, or there is problem in their arms or eyes.
Some of them maybe get a luck, have graduated form university and getting job. On the contrary, because of their limitation, many of them cannot continuing their study and be unemployment. Their daily activity is just stay at home, gaze, just sitting, be emotional or surrenderness.

What solution to solve their problem??

I find an alternative job for them, that is online business. Many kinds online business that suitable for dissabled in internet, such as Selling e-book, affiliate program, Forex, Review program, PPC, google adsense, and many more.
Why I say suitable? Because to run this business , you just stay in front of your computer, sign up, regist, sign in, fill the form, clicking, press enter, move the finger on keyboard,etc. It means, to run this business needn’t moving, step on straircase, lifting goods, cringe, standing for long time,etc, because this action is difficult for disabled.
So...for friends who has a disability please choose the suitable online business for you, fullfill your time, dont give up and now we have a solution. Join to many kinds online business that suitable for you suitable to your ability.
Don'T fly low, don't gaze, and don't be emotional. Many ways to rome. Be Your Self. Improve your ability in internet. Work do not must rely on physical, but Work Smart.

We hope with this solution you can reach success and Your dream will be come true.

Wednesday, May 13, 2009


This tool can help a disabled people to ride a car, especially in a state or country that has no modern technology or there's no enough money to buy a special car (car with high technology for disabled people). With this tool they can go wherever, go working, shoping,studying,etc. This tool consist of 3 parts of iron, and all of them join one by one to shape a stick. The first back part connected to the brake, and the other back part connected to the armpit. When the car is running, the armpit depressing this iron slowly to stop the car.
I have created this tool for me and I have used for 4 years untill now. I can go everywhere fell free and the main point is I can do my activity such as go working and playing.
Watch this video from youtube in :

Sunday, May 10, 2009


Are You one of the Indonesian people thinking and have a plan to work in Europe like USA, Canada, Australia, New Zealand, Swiss, Netherland? It’s the great idea. But you have to remember one thing. “Self confidence”. It means although you graduated from indonesian school or indonesian university, you can face the competition with the Europe people and have a chance to get a job there, as long as you have “self confidence”.

There are 3 simple ways to improve your self confidence if have a plan finding a job in europe
Mastering foreign language.
Learning foreign language when you study and stay in Indonesia is one of important way. You can join in conversatin class or chatting group in one course. Don’t hesitate to practice your language ability with native speaker in class, practice your language with friends, watch TV progam, listen to the radio, or read newspaper and magazine. Sometime it’s important if you go to tourism object to find many tourists and don’t be shy to try a conversation with them.
Knowing your destination country.
In this case, before you make an aplication, you should know about your destination country, such as their president, their weather, their transportation, their lifestyle, their culture and more to make you feel balmy and an easy adaptation with the people.
Knowing the company. You can access your destination company by visiting their website via internet, learn the management system, their credibility, their product, the job position that you apply, the salary etc. Don’t hesitate to contact them if you have a question.
Ok..try to fight..



1. Klik start -Run- type gpedit.msc-OK
2. Choose Administrative template --double
click network---choose and doUble click Qos package scheduler
3. Double click limit resevable bandwitch
4. Set the setting to enable and bandwitch limit to 0 (ZERO), klick OK
5. Restart your computer
6. You feel your internet connection will be faster

Friday, May 8, 2009


As far as we now that Blog has many functions. With a blog we can fullfill our spare time while share the opinion to other blogger about everything. Commonly, one blog at least has one visitor from different country, different hobby, different language, etc but because of the blog, we can meet them and discuss or sharing. Beside that, blog is one of page that can promote your business product, sale your self and with a blog we can follow many online business like PPC/PTC program , review or adsense.
If we look, many bloggers consist of men. We don’t know why. Is this matter caused that men have many spare time than women?? Or men are cleverer than women? Or Men have big ambition to reach the dream when they try to make blog for business? I don’t know. ..
So?? When a man love a blog many sigh form wifes, girlfriend even parent. Why , because in their mind when a man is blogging,posting, blog walking, look a new chance to try a new online business, many of them sometime will forget the time especially in managing children or family and even often lose time to office or to school.
But... When a man love a blog is still nicer than when a man love a drug or love another woman.
So..if you are one of the man who love your blog, keep blogging...
But remember...don’t forget to arrange your time and responsibility, especially in your family life.

Wednesday, May 6, 2009


In ancient times that God allowed the devil to inhabit heaven. Unfortunately when the devil is brought contact with the first man Adam, the devil even be arrogan and feel superior. God was very angry and He dissipating the devil from heaven.
This is the first arrogancy in earth history.
In society life, in the world of employment, in business association or even blogger relation or... in all our world of life, an arrogancy often come to someone who gets a success or someone who reach a top position or someone who has much money. We don’t know why. But many people have the attitude like this.
Marketing expert Al Ries said. "Success is often followed by hubris. Snobbism are certainly culminate destruction. Many giant companies and "big people" upset because a arrogance.
What are the effects if a jactitation kept or maintained?
There are 3 arguments, read below:
1. Jactitation can cut the self-esteem, hubris can cut themselves on the award itself and others.
2. Jactitation can be infectious, this I that is sometimes the children or the employes can be proud because of their Bos.
3. Jactitation can trigger our other attributes, such as reluctant to serve, are reluctant to improve themselves, are reluctant to ask for help or help others, automatic will reluctant to help and help others

Well.. if this is the case, and even to grow like roots ..., may lead to catastrophe and collapse in our life.

So? How to avoid? Still remind the "paddy science "? "excelsior progressively bow" ...that answered. image:

Saturday, May 2, 2009


Network is one of term that we know widely. This term is very having an effect on improving career and business. When we make a new relationship with someone and make a nice conversation untill change name card each other, a network process has been started.
One key to build a network is multiply contacts in many field, such as be a member in professional organization, be a member in art and culture club, or be a member in bevy of collegiate, or join with bevy of in the same hobby, etc. Beside that, this network can be increase if we have and give time to attend sociality meeting, wedding party, some kinds of exhibition, and be participant in seminar and workshop.
But don’t forget one thing, acquaintanceship which is just started should be able to be taken care of and remain to communicate by regular. We can say in other term, “always keep in touch” with our new friend .If this matter not be taken care of or in other word network without keep in touch, the network will be lose and we get only a memory or a quick meeting that will disappear. So, the network will be success if we always keep in touch with our new friends or new relationship. Thereby this network can improve your career and extending your business, especially if you make a relationship with someone which take fancy, trust and has ideas which in parallel toward better .
Piter m.silitonga