Wednesday, May 6, 2009


In ancient times that God allowed the devil to inhabit heaven. Unfortunately when the devil is brought contact with the first man Adam, the devil even be arrogan and feel superior. God was very angry and He dissipating the devil from heaven.
This is the first arrogancy in earth history.
In society life, in the world of employment, in business association or even blogger relation or... in all our world of life, an arrogancy often come to someone who gets a success or someone who reach a top position or someone who has much money. We don’t know why. But many people have the attitude like this.
Marketing expert Al Ries said. "Success is often followed by hubris. Snobbism are certainly culminate destruction. Many giant companies and "big people" upset because a arrogance.
What are the effects if a jactitation kept or maintained?
There are 3 arguments, read below:
1. Jactitation can cut the self-esteem, hubris can cut themselves on the award itself and others.
2. Jactitation can be infectious, this I that is sometimes the children or the employes can be proud because of their Bos.
3. Jactitation can trigger our other attributes, such as reluctant to serve, are reluctant to improve themselves, are reluctant to ask for help or help others, automatic will reluctant to help and help others

Well.. if this is the case, and even to grow like roots ..., may lead to catastrophe and collapse in our life.

So? How to avoid? Still remind the "paddy science "? "excelsior progressively bow" ...that answered. image:

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