Saturday, May 2, 2009


Network is one of term that we know widely. This term is very having an effect on improving career and business. When we make a new relationship with someone and make a nice conversation untill change name card each other, a network process has been started.
One key to build a network is multiply contacts in many field, such as be a member in professional organization, be a member in art and culture club, or be a member in bevy of collegiate, or join with bevy of in the same hobby, etc. Beside that, this network can be increase if we have and give time to attend sociality meeting, wedding party, some kinds of exhibition, and be participant in seminar and workshop.
But don’t forget one thing, acquaintanceship which is just started should be able to be taken care of and remain to communicate by regular. We can say in other term, “always keep in touch” with our new friend .If this matter not be taken care of or in other word network without keep in touch, the network will be lose and we get only a memory or a quick meeting that will disappear. So, the network will be success if we always keep in touch with our new friends or new relationship. Thereby this network can improve your career and extending your business, especially if you make a relationship with someone which take fancy, trust and has ideas which in parallel toward better .
Piter m.silitonga

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