Saturday, May 30, 2009


Can you live without money ? Can you happy without money? or are you working without salary? It’s an impossible, isn’t it? The main factor which can make you survive in life is money. People have many ways to find and to have this something valuable. When You go studying to school or university, it’s reaching your future and to get a happiness by owning much money. No people that not need money.
But why so difficult to get it?
Actually, money is available around and near you. It’s in the air. Have you taken your money? Have You taken it from the air ? Yes of course! How are the ways?
You go working and received your salary. You go fishing and sale your fishes, You are singing and get tips, You join to online business and get money, and many more.
But how is the way to add your money?
According to me, please don’t depend in one way. Please try to get money by several ways. Not only one methode depend on your skill. Improve your ability and have a braveness to catch money from the air.
Actually many opportunities to add your money. If you are a teacher, please not only depend on your salary. You can make a private class at home, and teach pupils and they can pay you. If you are a blogger, please try to make a book and it contains about all your post, and try to sale it. If you are an employees, and when you back at home, try to find side job like selling magazines or newspaper, If you are a housewife try to make food recipe and introduce your product to your friends. If they’re interest, they will need your skill and ask you to teach them. You can ask them to pay you.
About two weeks ago, I made a small class to teach people about how to create blog, and introduce several online business for them. They were very interested and they asked me to teach in their association to introduce blog and online business. They gave me about $375 as my salary. It means I have an other way to catch money from the air.
How about you? Catch it now...
by: piter silitonga

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