Friday, May 8, 2009


As far as we now that Blog has many functions. With a blog we can fullfill our spare time while share the opinion to other blogger about everything. Commonly, one blog at least has one visitor from different country, different hobby, different language, etc but because of the blog, we can meet them and discuss or sharing. Beside that, blog is one of page that can promote your business product, sale your self and with a blog we can follow many online business like PPC/PTC program , review or adsense.
If we look, many bloggers consist of men. We don’t know why. Is this matter caused that men have many spare time than women?? Or men are cleverer than women? Or Men have big ambition to reach the dream when they try to make blog for business? I don’t know. ..
So?? When a man love a blog many sigh form wifes, girlfriend even parent. Why , because in their mind when a man is blogging,posting, blog walking, look a new chance to try a new online business, many of them sometime will forget the time especially in managing children or family and even often lose time to office or to school.
But... When a man love a blog is still nicer than when a man love a drug or love another woman.
So..if you are one of the man who love your blog, keep blogging...
But remember...don’t forget to arrange your time and responsibility, especially in your family life.

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now I stay in touch!