Monday, May 25, 2009


Hello readers.. I think this is a good news for You. Have You monetize your Blog? Of course yes..! As far as we know, Google Adsense, Review program ,affiliate program, and more are the common ways to get money from internet. Do you need more and add dollars into your pocket?
Right! I’ll tell You about this chance..
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This is the way:
1.Join into this page, and click this button

2.Like usual, fill the form, then login with your e-mail and password. After that you can click “post ads”
3. There are 3 kinds of ads, they are CPC,CPT and CPA.
CPC and CPT are only promote in twitter, where as CPA you can promote to the end of your email, or the signature line in your forum posts, or anywhere on your blog.
4. When someone click your ads, you earn money.
5. Don’t forget to read TOS and FAQ for the first before making an action.

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