Friday, May 29, 2009


Keep in touch !! It can make an effect on your career or business improvement . When you find a new friend or new partner, I think it’s better to keep in touch with them. Why I said so, in one moment you might be meet million of persons or million of friends and make a sweet conversation each other, move around and meet the other, and give name card each other, but if you do it only once and don’t keep in touch with them, Its’ a moment only and no influence to your career or business.
How are the ways to find more people or new friends and making keep in touch with them?
  • Please join in profesional organization
  • Join in special club in art and culture
  • Come and have a diligent to attend social meeting, wedding, exhibition or launch new product.
When you do the way above and you get someone who become your friend and partner, please contact them regulary via phone, e-mail or others way that you think suitable to make them thrust you and like you. This is a reason for them to plan a new chance with you and It has potency to improve your career and business. As far as we know, all people always make a business with someone who cares, who believe each other, and understand each other.

For example, if you are a blogger and you wanna build a good relationship and "maybe" increase your page rank, please leave a comment in other blog, and do it every they create a new post. I think they will leave a comment in yours and the others blogger too.
This is one of “keep in touch” methode.

So, don’t offish this key..”keep in touch”

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