Monday, November 30, 2009


Today is the first of Desember. For all christians, this month is a special and full of peace in this year. They will celebrate Jesus Christ birthday  next 25 Desember 2009. In this month they will take many activities, learn choir, learn poem, learn sing, and teach their children for liturgy. All of this are for celebrating  this Christmas season. Many shops is selling Christmas products, like Christmas Tree, Christmas Gift, Christmas Lighting, Christmas Card, Christmas Song etc.  All christians will come to see and buy them in many places.

How about You? Do you have a plan in this Christmas Season? Are You interested to find a new business or small business in this time? I think this is the best way to take a side business for us. If You have a hobby to create Christmas accessories like creating ball lampions, many scarlet variations, paper creation and if you have a hobby to make cake with many variations like black forest or biscuits, this is the time to sale it.  You can offer it to all your friends, advertise on newspaper or internet, or you can sale it in front of the church and many ways as you like. If you have hobby in designing or photo editing, you can take a job to make christmas invitation letter, banner, or billboard. Just taking the job from your friends and send it to digital printing house but  you can make a design before. Beside that, you can try to sale Christmas product. In this manner, you will be a reseller. You can buy christmas product from other shop or person with low price or discount and sale it again with a higher price.

In internet business, you can join to many affiliation program. With your site or blog, you can promote several products and when someone buy from your blog. They will give you money as a reseller. I think this is the best methode if you have no experience or no hobby especially  in creating christmas product. and others site can give you this chance. You can join them and try to resale their product by using your website or blog. Just put their product code and now you can sale it.
Ok..let’s take a business right now...

Saturday, November 28, 2009


In sidelines of a variety of daily activities, whether it's business office, business, work, school to the family business, we are never separated from the atmosphere happiness, sadness, anger, resentment, confusion, etc.. Today may feel very happy, but tomorrow or later suddenly felt sad and miserable. Each person would not have been able to escape from this condition. No one who constantly felt happy or sad in his life is not it?

In The name of life, not everyone is able to survive or through it. Many people even take suicide action when they have a burden that not detained longer. Many are also finding shortcuts and versatile instant for all forms of bitterness of  life that is no longer possible to pass. To return to the starting position is very difficult, though certainly not impossible. A dilemma of the elusive life. Day after day, week after week, month after month, year after year, all full of twists and turns. This is a meaning to life. When already in a hardship situation, many people will become unstable, confused, stressed, not excited, even looking for a shortcut.

However, we must realize as people who have given the Creator  mind and strength to survive, humans must have realized that life in the world is something that absolutely lived. Whatever and however the content of life, human beings are and should be ready to fight in it. Isn't that our current age has proven that we can survive ?
In order that Day after day can we pass, let us make that every day is  a Special though we've been through with scenes that do not make sense.
So, Today is a special day, isn’t?

Monday, November 23, 2009


Based on data from comScore, Microsoft became the first position  in the amount of users when they are online during the month of September 2009  if compared to google, yahoo and facebook. Windows Live Messenger is a mainstay of Microsoft in this achieving victory, because this service is most often accessed by the user, ie by 70%. While access to Google is still much helped by visiting to YouTube. So how is Facebook? This most popular networking site is in fourth position after yahoo. But they remain excited about the rapid growth occurs where users spend 1.4 billion hours on Facebook, up 193% from the previous year period.

In addition to these exciting news, Microsoft also was satisfied with the sale of their new operating system, Windows 7. Microsoft CEO Steve Ballmer said, that  label sales level of Windows 7 as a fantastic thing, because it exceeds the income from all versions of Windows earlier in the first 10 days of launch. According to data from NPD Group Inc., sales at the retail Windows 7 to reach 234 percent higher in a few days since its release, when compared with Windows Vista. The amount of income that Microsoft had achieved 82 percent greater.  This software is considered as a rapid development  than  Windows Vista which is often criticized as a product failure.

Wednesday, November 18, 2009


Earlier this year, Adsense introduced the Google Ad Planner Publisher Center to help us showcase our site to advertisers. They've enhanced the Publisher Center to give  us even more ways to promote and manage our Ad Planner site profile. As a reminder, any publisher can use the Publisher Center, but the user interface is currently only available in English.

Claim your subdomains
You can now claim subdomains, such as, in Google Ad Planner. Your site's subdomains can also appear in Google Ad Planner to give advertisers a more detailed view of your site for their media planning. Learn how to claim your sites in Google Ad Planner.

Share more Google Analytics metrics
We've expanded the type of Google Analytics data you can share with Google Ad Planner. You can opt-in your page views, unique visitors (cookies), total visits, average visits per visitor, and average time on site, which ensures potential advertisers see the most accurate information for your site. Learn how to share your Google Analytics data.

Delegate site ownership
Managing your website profile in Ad Planner has just gotten easier. You can now invite additional users to edit and maintain your Google Ad Planner site profile.

Display an Ad Planner badge
Highlight your Google Ad Planner profile by displaying our new badge on your site. Advertisers who click your badge will be brought directly to your Google Ad Planner site profile, where they'll find your traffic, demographics, and advertising information.

Choose from four Ad Planner badges:
Tell us what you think. We invite you to sign in to Google Ad Planner now to try these new features, then send us your feedback and ideas so we can continue improving Google Ad Planner for you.

Posted by Wayne Lin - Product Manger, Google Ad Planner
Posted By Inside AdSense Team to Inside AdSense at 11/17/2009 11:13:00 AM

Monday, November 16, 2009


We often hear or read through various media the problem of poisonous food. Many of  poisoned food that happen around us not only resulting light effect, but it can result fatal effect and menacing our soul and can result  the dread among society. Many factor cause of this poisoned, especially in food or beverage product. One of them is because various poisonous materials which have been mingled into food /beverage product. Various poisonous materials or chemical compound which its gone into effect for product of NON food / beverage, but because its cheap price and more durable, hence the materials made as additive material for the food of / beverage.

In this case, I think as a common people,  we have so difficult methode for detecting is a food or beverage product  contain poisonous materials or  not. Our Governmental knowing this clearly through  part of goverment who handle  in observation of food and drug. And all this information not available for us.
So, in order to society know is food or beverage product contain poisonous materials or  not, with a mobile SMS ( Short message Service ) we can get detail and quick info. For example, if we want to buy a product especially new comer product , we can check for the first via sms the the content of nutrient and material composition in food/beverage product. With a simple way, with our mobile, we type product name, send to xxxx, and then we get an answer that product is SAFE and FREE OF POISON. If it contains poisonous material, it will be answered IT’S HESITATED or IT’S IMPROPER CONSUMED. With this methode a lot can be saved.

Thursday, November 12, 2009


In this time world of bloging have very trend among society of Indonesia. As far as we know the function of blog for someone is very much and important. One of is that bloging will race creativity of blogger itself, and will be able to express all idea exist in its brain. Not surprise, in this time many training of  bloging in many schools especially for SMA ( Senior haigh school ) students. But if in seeing, the growth bloging is not consistence. Its meaning after they are finishing training hence its it drop behind off hand without there is no update, there’s no simple technique decorate and there is no promotion of blog.

One of the its cause is there is no excitement and spirit or support to student from their teacher. The spirit of blogging especially for students actually comes from their teacher. It means, all the teacher better have an own blog to give support and a blogging spirit for their students. To give the solution in this purpose, I think this is the right time that the rules for a teacher candidat or for requesting a new teacher must include one rule namely "have a personal blog". With this rule, if they are be a teacher, they will be able to train their students and give a  support and spirit for students with their personal blog. Beside that, advantages if teacher has a personal blog, they can:
  1. Give home work to the students by using their blog and all students can send answers to teacher's e-mail that attach in teacher's blog.
  2. Give clarification or answer about the home work from their blog.
  3. Give quiz or exercises in their blog and post the solution or answer in their blog
  4. Make interactive about student problem in school, learning process till answer about all via chatting facility in their blog.
  5. If several students absent or sick and they cannot join the class today, the can visit and read about last subject in teacher's blog.

    Sunday, November 8, 2009


    In our life, we will never released from what we call bored. A Boredom can  come  suddenly whenever and anytime. We can take one example, when we work as a daily activity, a boredom often come on us even stay on us for along time. We have tried to begone and make some new tricks, but it can’t to dissipate it. In working  which it is to yield money and as a media to improve career training ourselves, the attendance of boredom is one compromising matter  even fearful. Why? Because this creature will decrease our career decrease our financial, even it results laziness and we cannot increase career and we always assume all the job is a burden.

    The signs that someone  has entered in this trap, we can know from  common signs below such us : feel so lazy when wake up in the morning, the spirit of life will decrease and loss slowly, we cannot reach every job target, feel like the other person in office, we always have a negative thinking, all friends' idea or suggests look like  a wind, and all the boss' govern is something weighing against.

    What should we do? As I say in the first paragraph above, the first way is try to maintain job and make variations how to handle the job in workplace. this matter to try to out for remain to eksis in work. But, although we’ve tried  with many methods and tricks, this way cannot to pull socks up and the boredom always haunting ourselves. If this situation runs continue, I think This the right time to make a decision to improve your career especially your financial. This is a final decision than staying in a bad condition. This is the right time to change over, and please take this decision before age pursue You. Free your self rigth now and start to find a new job/career as soon as possible in a situation which make you feel so happy and feel esteemed and the job is suitable  with your ability and talent.


    Wednesday, November 4, 2009


    In this week when I log in to my google adsense, I am so happy because my revenue is increase. But There are clicks with zero dollars. I am disappointed in this situation. Why this happen? Is someone click on my ads in the same IP address or there is another reason? For this time I always access my internet with  Esia Unlimited Card. I am not sure,  If someone who use Esia (same with me) visit my site and he lives in different location or different state or even different country visit my site and click on adsense will produce zero dollar for me? As far as we know if someone who click the adsense from the same  IP Address, it will produce zero dollar in our account. Is this fair? I think this is not so fair, because many users around the world use the same provider. So.. if they visit our site and click on adsense although they are in different location even overseas, will it produce zero dollar for us?..Hmmmmm