Wednesday, November 4, 2009


In this week when I log in to my google adsense, I am so happy because my revenue is increase. But There are clicks with zero dollars. I am disappointed in this situation. Why this happen? Is someone click on my ads in the same IP address or there is another reason? For this time I always access my internet with  Esia Unlimited Card. I am not sure,  If someone who use Esia (same with me) visit my site and he lives in different location or different state or even different country visit my site and click on adsense will produce zero dollar for me? As far as we know if someone who click the adsense from the same  IP Address, it will produce zero dollar in our account. Is this fair? I think this is not so fair, because many users around the world use the same provider. So.. if they visit our site and click on adsense although they are in different location even overseas, will it produce zero dollar for us?..Hmmmmm


Rihar Diana(dhana) said...

salam sahabat
good posting make me knor more to get info thnxs n good luck ya...

heru said...

nice post sobat

International Relations said...

Aq juga kadang gtu Om,, harga perkliknya kadang $0.00 hehehe,,
dan kadang juga hanya $01.00 hiks,,hiks.. cuma pernah perkliknya $1.00 lumayan :) :)
Gak tau kesalahannya dmana ya? hmmmmmm