Monday, November 16, 2009


We often hear or read through various media the problem of poisonous food. Many of  poisoned food that happen around us not only resulting light effect, but it can result fatal effect and menacing our soul and can result  the dread among society. Many factor cause of this poisoned, especially in food or beverage product. One of them is because various poisonous materials which have been mingled into food /beverage product. Various poisonous materials or chemical compound which its gone into effect for product of NON food / beverage, but because its cheap price and more durable, hence the materials made as additive material for the food of / beverage.

In this case, I think as a common people,  we have so difficult methode for detecting is a food or beverage product  contain poisonous materials or  not. Our Governmental knowing this clearly through  part of goverment who handle  in observation of food and drug. And all this information not available for us.
So, in order to society know is food or beverage product contain poisonous materials or  not, with a mobile SMS ( Short message Service ) we can get detail and quick info. For example, if we want to buy a product especially new comer product , we can check for the first via sms the the content of nutrient and material composition in food/beverage product. With a simple way, with our mobile, we type product name, send to xxxx, and then we get an answer that product is SAFE and FREE OF POISON. If it contains poisonous material, it will be answered IT’S HESITATED or IT’S IMPROPER CONSUMED. With this methode a lot can be saved.

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