Monday, November 23, 2009


Based on data from comScore, Microsoft became the first position  in the amount of users when they are online during the month of September 2009  if compared to google, yahoo and facebook. Windows Live Messenger is a mainstay of Microsoft in this achieving victory, because this service is most often accessed by the user, ie by 70%. While access to Google is still much helped by visiting to YouTube. So how is Facebook? This most popular networking site is in fourth position after yahoo. But they remain excited about the rapid growth occurs where users spend 1.4 billion hours on Facebook, up 193% from the previous year period.

In addition to these exciting news, Microsoft also was satisfied with the sale of their new operating system, Windows 7. Microsoft CEO Steve Ballmer said, that  label sales level of Windows 7 as a fantastic thing, because it exceeds the income from all versions of Windows earlier in the first 10 days of launch. According to data from NPD Group Inc., sales at the retail Windows 7 to reach 234 percent higher in a few days since its release, when compared with Windows Vista. The amount of income that Microsoft had achieved 82 percent greater.  This software is considered as a rapid development  than  Windows Vista which is often criticized as a product failure.

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