Sunday, November 8, 2009


In our life, we will never released from what we call bored. A Boredom can  come  suddenly whenever and anytime. We can take one example, when we work as a daily activity, a boredom often come on us even stay on us for along time. We have tried to begone and make some new tricks, but it can’t to dissipate it. In working  which it is to yield money and as a media to improve career training ourselves, the attendance of boredom is one compromising matter  even fearful. Why? Because this creature will decrease our career decrease our financial, even it results laziness and we cannot increase career and we always assume all the job is a burden.

The signs that someone  has entered in this trap, we can know from  common signs below such us : feel so lazy when wake up in the morning, the spirit of life will decrease and loss slowly, we cannot reach every job target, feel like the other person in office, we always have a negative thinking, all friends' idea or suggests look like  a wind, and all the boss' govern is something weighing against.

What should we do? As I say in the first paragraph above, the first way is try to maintain job and make variations how to handle the job in workplace. this matter to try to out for remain to eksis in work. But, although we’ve tried  with many methods and tricks, this way cannot to pull socks up and the boredom always haunting ourselves. If this situation runs continue, I think This the right time to make a decision to improve your career especially your financial. This is a final decision than staying in a bad condition. This is the right time to change over, and please take this decision before age pursue You. Free your self rigth now and start to find a new job/career as soon as possible in a situation which make you feel so happy and feel esteemed and the job is suitable  with your ability and talent.


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