Monday, November 30, 2009


Today is the first of Desember. For all christians, this month is a special and full of peace in this year. They will celebrate Jesus Christ birthday  next 25 Desember 2009. In this month they will take many activities, learn choir, learn poem, learn sing, and teach their children for liturgy. All of this are for celebrating  this Christmas season. Many shops is selling Christmas products, like Christmas Tree, Christmas Gift, Christmas Lighting, Christmas Card, Christmas Song etc.  All christians will come to see and buy them in many places.

How about You? Do you have a plan in this Christmas Season? Are You interested to find a new business or small business in this time? I think this is the best way to take a side business for us. If You have a hobby to create Christmas accessories like creating ball lampions, many scarlet variations, paper creation and if you have a hobby to make cake with many variations like black forest or biscuits, this is the time to sale it.  You can offer it to all your friends, advertise on newspaper or internet, or you can sale it in front of the church and many ways as you like. If you have hobby in designing or photo editing, you can take a job to make christmas invitation letter, banner, or billboard. Just taking the job from your friends and send it to digital printing house but  you can make a design before. Beside that, you can try to sale Christmas product. In this manner, you will be a reseller. You can buy christmas product from other shop or person with low price or discount and sale it again with a higher price.

In internet business, you can join to many affiliation program. With your site or blog, you can promote several products and when someone buy from your blog. They will give you money as a reseller. I think this is the best methode if you have no experience or no hobby especially  in creating christmas product. and others site can give you this chance. You can join them and try to resale their product by using your website or blog. Just put their product code and now you can sale it.
Ok..let’s take a business right now...

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