Sunday, May 17, 2009


Readers, I wrote this post for all disabled people in the world in orther can share each other about their life especially to solve their problem to get job. Now, Maybe you have friends around you which have limitation or owning less perfect organ, such as there is a person who has no foot because of amputation, attached polyo since baby and two legs no power, or there is problem in their arms or eyes.
Some of them maybe get a luck, have graduated form university and getting job. On the contrary, because of their limitation, many of them cannot continuing their study and be unemployment. Their daily activity is just stay at home, gaze, just sitting, be emotional or surrenderness.

What solution to solve their problem??

I find an alternative job for them, that is online business. Many kinds online business that suitable for dissabled in internet, such as Selling e-book, affiliate program, Forex, Review program, PPC, google adsense, and many more.
Why I say suitable? Because to run this business , you just stay in front of your computer, sign up, regist, sign in, fill the form, clicking, press enter, move the finger on keyboard,etc. It means, to run this business needn’t moving, step on straircase, lifting goods, cringe, standing for long time,etc, because this action is difficult for disabled.
So...for friends who has a disability please choose the suitable online business for you, fullfill your time, dont give up and now we have a solution. Join to many kinds online business that suitable for you suitable to your ability.
Don'T fly low, don't gaze, and don't be emotional. Many ways to rome. Be Your Self. Improve your ability in internet. Work do not must rely on physical, but Work Smart.

We hope with this solution you can reach success and Your dream will be come true.

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