Sunday, May 24, 2009


Many ways to reach success. Success in our life is one of the goal and no one can stop our success. Success or not is an option and depend on us. Every body has different way to reach this one. But in this case I have several tips for people who wants reach this success. Here they are:
  • Discipline yourself: This is one important in career. discipline to your time, discipline to your planning and discipline about your ability. Please say "no" to your self if there is an obsession appeals you to do something which can destroy your career
  • Focus and directional: Please focus to your job, focus to your target, and focus to your planning. Do you know that the laser ray can penetritive the steel? Yeahh..because of "focus and directional". This is different with the sun. The sun cannot penetritive the steel because the sun is not focus.
  • Develope yourself : Learn more and never stop learning. Upgrade yourself and please don't be shy to ask other about all, especially the other person which has the same mayor or the same skill like yours
  • Sale yourself: Show your ability, your productivity and your skill to other by working smart and show them your great hobby.
  • Improve your idea: Please be an inovatif person. Find the freshest idea is going into effect in all profession.
  • Don't disregard criticism : In all profession you are better open minded. You can open yourself to all critic and suggestion. Please don't angry or hopelessly whe someone make critic on you.
  • Love your job: Fall in love with your job and position can make you feel happy and have a spirit to reach higher career and make you get the success.

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