Monday, March 30, 2009


Do You have dream? Is that dream near by or a long way off?
No problem small or big dream, which is name of dream, everybody owning it.
it is not easy to reach that dream. To really serious You wish to reach dream, of course it is accompanied with a strong desire for self-motivation to that dream become reality.
This desire it is of course should be able to be done truly. abundant ambition and something with instant exactly make dream go away.
According to me, this dream is same with a craving girl which do not want to come near by too ambitious someone, someone which impatient or wish to reach something with instant.
So, make yours dream become reality with small step. Make small stages;steps to a small dream so that lead to last your dream. impossible someone become champion of marathon without have run short-haully isn’ it? Or not possible to a Chris Jhon hold world champion belt without patient and routine practice and champion at small event, isn’t it?
To all great friend which in this time have blog, is Your dream? Wish rich with your blog? Want to be a famous writer? Immediately take small step to make your blog become a favorite blog with a lot of visitors

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