Tuesday, April 7, 2009


Black colour is one of the primary colour that have many functions and meanings.
Black color makes the other colour looks bolder and more contrast. A picture which have black background also will see more fair and harmony. Black clothes also make visually slim body. A lot of people say that black colour show something of elegant, voluptuous, showing accuration, perfection, full of power, and also show selfcontrol.
But, the other side of black colour also shows meaning mourn, mysteriously, or shows a contradiction.

One of most typical of black colour is that this color is very compatible with any kind of colour such as red, green, blue, orange, yellow, purple, brown, etc . This Black color will remain to show solidarity of well-balanced and harmonic colour.
Its meaning that this black colour always "welcome" to other colour. Any kind of color will solid with it, this black color always take in good part, and other colour will like closer with this color because they will be seen prettier and more having a meaning.
Is there anyone of you look like this black colour attitude? How lucky you are, because You are the one who always welcome to others. Not only that, if others come and stay beside You they will look prettier and more powerful.

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