Monday, April 20, 2009


Still remember Robert T. Kiyosaki ? A best seller writer of Rich Dad Poor Dad and Cashflow Quadrant who teach game about money and tell freedom of financial which is its masterpiece have given the inspiration to about 35000 people in the world.
In one sub chapter on his book tells “ NOT required money to yield money" and " NOT required a high formal education to reach freedom of financial”.
A statement that wrinkling eyebrow. Why? Because in that moment as well as in this time many people still have opinion that " Money required to yield money" and ask their children " Study as high as star in the sky" so that you can work with big salary.
You also still remember with Thomas A.Edison, founder of General Electric; Henry Ford, founder of Ford Motor Co.; Bill Gates, founder of Microsoft, Ted Turner founder of CNN, Michael Dell founder of Dell Computers; Steve Job, founder Apple Computer, also with Ralph Laurent, founder of Polo.
They are the people who leave College and reach successfulness without owning college title and no have much money when they develop their business for the first time.
Although realized that Education of college is one of important to a profession or support the make-up of career, but " not" to these people in getting their wealth. And so with Robert Kiyosaki , when he and his wife experience of very hard matter of year 1985, where they have no money and have much debt, but with a confidence without continuing education, in year 1989 they get out of misery and very rich and get freedom of financial in year 1994.
So what required? They said, Dream, big intention, readiness to quickly learn and ability process truly Your potency. Agree??

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