Tuesday, April 14, 2009


Personality is something unique even full of mistery. Many persons do not know their personality even 100%. Although have followed various personality test, but they are just remain to be dissatisfy and doubt of its result.
Personality is look like an abstraction and individually. No one person knows what and how the essence of personality and there’s no two persons have the same this personalitiy.
As an individual creature and as a social creature, we always have interaction with others in our daily activity. During this interaction process, one another will attention each other and this is one moment to every individual compare each other and knowing their personality.
To know the personality of others is not something easy, because personality influenced by many factors. One of them is known from words and deed of someone. Its meaning that your personality will be know from your word and your deed.
Personality is something important in your daily life. Personality do not know correct and wrong or non something bad and good . It Depend on when, where, to what and to whom that thing is utilized.
Do you wish to be pleased, wish to be avoided, wish to be hated, wish to be worshiped ? Depended of your intellegence in exploiting Your personality.

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