Wednesday, March 4, 2009


Feel give up often happened in our daily activity all day. Don'T know where and don't know when surely we have ever give up. When someone is not able to overcome a problem even if it has followed over the 8 point, or have followed many roads to Rome,the last word he said is give up.
It’s It is reasonable!! That is unreasonable when someone is already in the arena or have not even entered the arena has a direct do not feel capable.
Finally? There are losers, there is which is fail to pass examination, there is which is fail in interview and have not a job yet, even someone fail to create a blog because they have no self confidence or braveness to make post or to decorate their blog.
So… for all of you, which during the time feel easy surender, changeable immediately 180 degree right now become a difficult surender individu or even will never GIVE UP. Never give up before going through 8 point lead and go through many ways to Rome. But if you feel and have been gone through and you always get a fail , yes.. there is a reason to give up.

" Don’t give up Uncle".
You possible have heard this sentence. This first sentence is once heard by year 1965 on 30 September. A young man still have time to yell this sentence to his uncle which is that moment is struggling to face lethal.

Once again, Never give up before you reach many ways and methodes

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