Monday, March 2, 2009


When you create a blog for the first time, maybe in that time you purpose to pour what’s in your mind, your idea, or sharing all your experience with the others. After You progressively deepen the world of blog, maybe you will think, do I create this blog just wanna make a post, blogwalking, and leaving comments in other blog??
I think no. If you treat your blog like that, Possibly it will make You feel bored. Though if seen farther still many other activities to treat your blog beside making a post, blogwalking or leaving a comment to other blog.
To be a progressively diligent in blogging try to monetize your blog.
Possible to all new comer in world of blog, still have confusing how to find the kind of suitable online business.
For all new bloggers, if you wanna try to monetize your blog, there are some online business which you can follow, but please remember, choose FREE JOIN business for the first, such as :

1. PPC program, you can join here for free, like: Google Adsense, Adbrite, Bridvister, dll
2. PTC program, If you read advertising, you earn money.
3. Friendfinder which give you dollar, if you recruit new member and join to this site.

I suggest you to join kind of business above for the first time. When your ability more grow up, you can follow the other big online business and move to premium member.

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