Wednesday, February 25, 2009


The title of this article is not song title which is “tophit” in 70 era, but reminding me when I was filling gas in one of the gas station in my town, over there shown three consumer rights, two of them I forgot, but the first sequence is that the consumer entitled to get SMILE. In one Bank also its Securitys and tellers altogether have full of smile when save my money. When looking around and buy something in Mall, there is again shown “ If our officer not smile, reporting to manager, and we will give you a Present”

What it means? Are consumer in this time have easy fulminate so that have to smile? Or are the officers cannot smile anymore along with threat of stoping job?
In reality, in this time along with growth of managemen systems, have been realized that hospitality is one factor which can draw all consumer. hospitality in this article means smile has brought new atmosphere and leave mark circumstantial at consumer. With sweet smile hence all consumer will feel to be paid attention, to be majored and esteemed so that make good cooperation between producer and consumer.
How Its result?? Company who treats this methode will be more survive and production also progressively mount, because all consumer or clients will return to come.
So, to all great friend which in this time is working, please give your smile to your partner, consumer, and all your clients, and to businessmen please make a briefing to your employees in order always smile to all clients and your consumer.
Isn’t the smile will give us healthy and beauty?

immediately...Smile for me, rigtht now

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