Saturday, January 10, 2009


Looking for a job by reading vacancy or opportunity info is the first step when someone have a new status as a "fresh graduated" . Usually they look for a job by reading newspaper or magazine, because both of these are the easiest to find and available for all.
For all "fresh graduated" who looking for a job by reading advertisement, it's better to analyze and understand about the vacancy content. It means, what kind of vacancy which you read and kind of job do you wish ? Is the vacancy show you the type of job which suitable for you and suitable to your ability ?. Here are several the content of vacancy.

If the advertisement is written like this:
Great opportunity, it meanings your salary is rather low.
Varied responsibilities, its meanings You become a public staf to handle any job which is given any time, wherever and by whoever.
Self – starter wanted, its meaning You must be able to motivate your self, and your salary depend on your target and on your self motivation
High – energy environment, its meaning You have to prepare your self for working battyly, if necessary until do not come home for a long time.
A people oriented job, its meanings You have to able to answer all customers' or clients' telephone which often too fierce.
Planning and coordinating, its meanings You have to ready to arrange multifariously of journey schedule, activities, and lunch of your boss.
An investment in your future, its meanings that the remuneration systems is pyramid systems or franchise/ Multilevel Marketing ( MLM).

Are the kind of vacancy above, suitable for you?? If Yes, make application right now, if No, Find another

Best Regards

Piter M.S,S.Si