Monday, January 26, 2009


Three giants company in world internet business, Google, Yahoo and Microsoft ever have a plan to work each other, but failing.

Microsoft ever have a plan to buy Yahoo but they are refused. Google and Yahoo also ever have a plan to work along also fail. With this global crisis attack maybe they have no intention to continue or revise several causes this " failure".

Finally they remain to such as those which first, walk by themselves in crisis storm puff which also tickle existence of them in this time. What are their way or strategy to face the condition like this?

Let us correct and read what they’ve done:


Carol Bratz, the new of yahoo CEO has made a decision their employees don't get a raise salary for the year of 2009, with reason to press the expense and at the same time boost up advantage of company which ever shaking.

This decision is more able to be accepted if compare to discontinuing their employees, because last month Yahoo have time to announce discontinuing 500 their employees.


Google make a decision and they discontinuing 100 employees, this amount is a quarter of officer of rekrutmen in this giant of internet company. In this time Google have almost 20.000 employees spread over all the world. Google also stop contractor and make a decision decreasing of annual gift to its employees, and close some of Engineering office in Austin, Phoenix, Norwegian and of Swedia. Some project of less saleable even also its plan will be discontinued by Google, including Catalog Search, Notebook, My Me and Dodgeball.


This giant software Company announce officially will discontinuing about 5000 worker in this recent time to depress fare structure and lessen the effect of crisis. The Target of this discontinuing is to press the cost of company until US$ 1,5 billion per year. This occurence is the biggest and the first time since this Mr Bill gates's company is founded in the year 1975.

With this way and strategy, can this three giant company will be able survive ??

HOPEFULLY !! .....If not, "I cannot " making this post

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