Monday, October 13, 2008


Target of our finance in fact are , defraying school, pension fund, vacation, expense, and making investment. Referring to that target, in this time insurance product more and more, and conscious people for have insurance. How Do You choose product matching with requirement? Possible in this time You have bought insurance product, but don’t know insurance product which You buy.

Tips hereunder possible very good for You.

1. See the Condition of Your finance. Evaluate beforehand the condition of financial. how is the condition of Your financial, have good, enough, or less or is bad.

2. Compile requirement priority scale. You can list requirement of You and goals what you Will reach later on day.

3. Making solution by judging available choice. Result of this phase can be referred by monetary planning. For example, if You wish to buy insurance product for the requirement of future, You can have recourse agent to recommend product what as according to requirement and ability of You. A reliable agent will assist consumer know the condition of its finance and give solution to them regarding insurance product what required for the future.

4. Repeat Evaluation what have been done.

This is important done to anticipate if You wish to revise again your monetary planning because of Your production or requirement increase. For example You wish to add education insurance for the second child. By doing diagnosed of your finance, You are expected to have strong foundation to develop and build your monetary future


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