Tuesday, September 23, 2008


Hi Readers, yesterday, Monday, september 22, 2008, there’s a natural phenomenon very clearest and capturing in my town. When I exit from my office at 12.00 to buy something, don't know how me see to great space. Wow… sun wraped by circle light with beautiful colours like a rainbow. In external coat there is a beautiful rainbow ring wrapping.

Quickly I take this moment with my Handphone camera. This phenomenon is called halo optic phenomenon.
The phenomenon happened by effect of refleksi and refraksi sun light / moon by ices crystals which there are in cloud of cirrus, cloud which located in atmosphere level is called troposfer, about 5-10km from surface of earth.
Natural phenomenon of this habit emerge at any times sun moment closed cloud of cyrus. accepted light in this part of gloomy earth area because blocked by cloud. phenomenon like this ring also enable the happening of rainbow because sunshine biased by cloud

One of the result of my picture see below, if you wanna see other photos, click here.

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