Saturday, September 6, 2008


KNOW whether you are healthy, it could be seen from your skin and your eye sight. Don’t only depend on cosmetics and medicines that can beauty your appearance. To tell you the truth, they just camouflage you. Using them make your skin fresh, smooth, and soft. Those whose have weak bodies will look stronger by taking medicines.

I think all people will be glad if they posses the healthy body by applying naturals ways. I mean, they do not take pills or medicines, but they care their body correcting their meals, doing gymnastic and taking enough time to rest.
The right meal design is to consume the meal that contains the balance of fat, protein, carbohydrate, vitamin, and mineral.

A. Fat
Everybody considers the excess of fat causes heartache, but you must remember that your body needs fat in a certain portion. The function of fat is the source of power.
The kinds of fat:
There are there kinds of fat. The classification is based on the satiation of fatty acid.
1. Saturated fatty acid
It comes from animals, besides that it also comes from coconut, cheese, butter, palm-oil, etc.
According to research this fatty acid could increase cholesterol value in the blood
2. Unsaturated fatty acid
It comes from plants, for example, nut-oil, and olive-oil. This fatty acid does not influence in cholesterol value in blood.
3. Double unsaturated fatty acid
It comes from plants, for example, sun-oil, corn-oil, etc. According to researches, these fatty acids could reduce cholesterol value in the blood. The need of fat is about 20-30% from the total need of fat everyday. (Note: I gram of fat contain 9 calories).

B. Protein

The body needs protein, especially for those who are growing. The function of protein is to from new tissues, and replace broken tissues.
Protein is formed by oxygen, nitrogen, carbon, and hydrogen which are called amino acid.
There are twenty amino acids that are needed by the body to grow. Essential amino acid couldn’t be produced by the body. This could be gotten from daily meal, such as meat, fish, egg, milk, etc. Besides from such sources, it also could be gotten nuts or vegetables protein. To tell you the truth, the value of vegetable protein is different from the value of animal’s protein.
The need of protein is about 13-15% from the total need of protein everyday.
(Note: I gram of protein contains 4 calories).

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