Friday, September 5, 2008


EVEN if dating isn’t anything new to you, the age-old problem of first date jitters can still take its toll. If you need a First Date brush-up course, read on! We’ve got some tips to help you the grade!

a. For a polished presentation, allow plenty of time to prep for your date. Be sure to choose an outfit that makes you feel confident and comfortable! Use makeup to accentuate your best features, not to provide a false front! For a fragrant finishing touch, sprinkle your perfume.

b. Look who’s talking! Make sure to make eye contact when your date is speaking to you. If your eyes wonder, he may think you’re not interested in him or what he has to say.

c. Steer clear of a stroll down memory lane-especially if the landmarks are all the wonderfull places other dates have taken you.

d. Don’t turn into a walking, talking Complaint Department if the date doesn’t run perfectly smooth. Rather than becoming a negative influence, handle any dating glitches with humour.

e. Five-minute warning! Don’t spend an unnecessary amount of time in the ladies’room. Remember that there’s someone patiently awaiting your return.

f. Don’t spend lot of time talking about other girls especially if it’s gossipy commentary. The girl he’s most interested in knowing about is you!

g. Consider offering to pay for something during your date (the popcorn, peanuts etc at the movies or a drink as you stroll through the mall_. If he picks up the tab, be sure to thank him!

h. An introductory offer; If you should run into someone you know, remember to introduce your date so he doesn’t feel left out.

i. Stick with the present tense. View a first date as an event in and of itself. Don’t speculate too much about where it all may lead.

j. If your date seems especially nervous as your time together draws to a close, he may be suffering from a goodnight-kiss crisis. If you make a point of being relaxed, he’s likely to follow your lead and feel more at ease.

So open up that book of love and memorise these strategies. When the time comes for that first date, you’ll pass the test with flying colors!

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