Saturday, September 6, 2008


Fishes are often consumed by human beings. They are delicious, nutritious, and cheap. Commonly, people cook fishes just because they are delicious, but they do not know well about the nutrient value. On this article, I will tell you that fishes are great nutriments.
As double unsaturated fatty acid source, fishes are better than other meal products. In fishes, there are substances which are called Omega 3 fatty acid. The Omega 3 fatty acid is very important to increase the children’s intelligence and maintain the function of cornea. Unfortunately, not all people realize the great function of consuming fishes. Fishes are considered one of vitamin sources, especially vitamins that are soluble in fat.
The main function of protein for the body is as the builder substance which form new fabrics and replace the alones. Beside such function protein also has certain function in the relation with nutrient’s metabolism.
The role of animal protein relates to the metabolism of some kinds of minerals. It has been proved that the animal protein can increase the absorption of iron that comes from vegetables. Actually, minerals that come from vegetables can’t be well absorbed than on minerals that come from animals.
Actually, meals contain 30 – 40 % of animal protein. F A O predicts that the American people consume the animal and vegetables protein are about 73 gram and 34 gram every day and those who live in developed countries consume 12 gram and 44 gram of protein every day.
The newest research shows that protein takes important role in decreasing the cholesterol value in the serum. Some researches predict that the value of amino acid of protein take important

Role to arrange cholesterol metabolism and decrease the value of serum cholesterol. The quality of the fishes protein are higher than the quality protein of meat and eggs. Because fishes have high protein content, so their protein are often used for supplement and complement substances, especially for vegetable protein such as nuts, vegetables and cereals.
The combination between the vegetable and fishes protein will increase the protein value of vegetables substance.
The content of fish’s protein is influenced upon the value of fat and water. Commonly, it can be called that the finned fishes contain protein 14 – 24 %, crustacean 10 – 18 %, and mollusk 5 – 18 %. The nutrient composition of some fishes can be on Table I.
The nutrient value of fishes are higher than beef and milk casein. The amino acid which is in the protein of one meal product, not entirely be used for the body because it is influenced, by digestion and absorption process. Usually, the amino acid of fishes protein can be digested and absorbed more than 90 %. The amino acid of vegetable protein can be digested and absorbed 60 – 70 %. The low quality of protein can be caused (by) many factors, for example, the protein’s conformation, union of metal. Nucleated acid, cellulose, and saccharine which obstruct the digestion process, and the meal working process with high temperature.
The composition of essence amino acid of some fishes are similar to the composition of mammals. Fishes have balanced composition of amino acid as F A O and WHO have recommended. The fishes protein have the same composition with mother breast, eggs, and meat. It means the essential need of amino acid for the human’s body will be fulfilled with fishes protein.
To tell you the truth, the fishes protein have higher value than soy and meat. Reading this article, I’d like to know what’s your comment on consuming fishes?

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