Monday, August 25, 2008


If you have credit card 2 until 5, with limit 300 usd until 1000 usd , Is it possible that you can make capital for have business? I think it's possible . Its way??
  1. Buy various saleable product for many people, buy that saleable product in grocery with your credit card then sell again the product to small shops or to co-operation
  2. If You have computer hobby with grafika desain, you can buy 1 unit of computer, printer, scanner with your credit card, then with your ability to design various invitation, visiting card, serifikat, you'd can build a business.

But Don'T forget, You have to be bright and take a care in calculating between your income with instalment and also yours credit card interest, but this non difficult matter. You can discuss with one who more experienced.

In this time I know only 2 ways, whether readers can give the other way?

Success for you,

piter m.s

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