Wednesday, September 15, 2010


Along the development of times, now many women consume stimulant pils to increase their libido. Is it because of the trend or want to try it, we don't know.  Commonly this stimulant drug consumed by men have also slowly  consumed by women nowdays. Generally they are a woman or a wife who feels sexual desire decreased or frigid. (Frigidity, including sexual dysfunction in a group of functional disorders in organs and sexual activity).

As we know, in any sexual interaction, the various patterns shown estrus in response to sexual stimulation she receives. There was an  woman rapidly increasing, there is a slow, and there is a long time. There's even a woman who is not aroused at all no matter how large the stimulus it receives. If finally the last kind of woman to have sex then he showed an attitude that must be passive and without any expression. This is one example of frigidity.

It was here first, many people think that to overcome frigidity is only by taking stimulants. With this kind of thinking, is currently sold many of stimulants which intends to increase libido women frigid.
Is this necessary? actually, these stimulants can actually cause excitement for women, so they enjoy, and without fear. Thus, they can achieve orgasm. In the right circumstances, a stimulant drug such as  viagra  can work to overcome the problem of passion.

The problem is many are using this medicine at random without knowing the appropriate dose. If this happens, it is not possible adverse effects can be generated.

For instance the use of Viagra. Use of these drugs can actually make the quality of love growing colder because of the action confined to bed is great, not a real desire arises lust for love. In fact, treat low libido in women is strongly influenced by stress and interpersonal relationships they experienced. That is, the performance of the heart, soul, and brain work in harmony in the process of sex, not just a high libido.

Back to the topic above, whether stimulants are necessary for a woman? It's  okay, as long recommended by doctors. And they should realize that the drug does not guarantee the integrity of their love.

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